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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Doc McStuffins Carry Along Clinic Playset Review

Last week, my very lucky Disney loving daughters were sent the Doc McStuffins Carry Along Clinic Playset to review.

Playing doctors and nurses, or vets, is one of their favourite games at the moment - plus they are both big Doc McStuffins fans - so I knew this would go down well from the moment the postman delivered it.

First Impressions.
In true girlie style, they were AMAZED by the pinkie purpley sparkliness of it all. It's also very large which seemed to impress them a lot too. 

What's Included.
Inside the case is an interactive panel with four slides, a set of doctor's tools (including a stethoscope which has been fought over regularly during the past week!), and a Lambie figure. When opened up, the case also has a desk, a sink unit and a little drawer to keep things in (the slides fit in there but the stethoscope doesn't which annoys me a little). The laptop shown in the promotional picture (above) isn't included.

What We Think.
The interactive panel is pretty good; it plays the theme tune to the show and, when you insert one of the slides, tells you what is wrong with each patient and which tool you need to use to make them better. One thing the girls did notice was that, aside from Lambie, the other characters that feature on the slides aren't included. I thought this was a bit of a shame, and almost as if the set was incomplete, as they could only 'cure' Lambie. The other characters aren't even available to buy as optional extras, although at £60 for the set, I'm not sure I would be prepared to pay out any more to complete it anyway. I can't help but feel that if they had been included then the toy may have been worthy of its price tag.

There's no denying that the girls absolutely love this set but I'm afraid not as keen as they are. From a parents' point of view, if I saw it in the shops I would definitely think that £60 was a bit hefty - and probably glance over it as a result. I was also pretty disappointed because it's not a sturdy toy at all; the lid won't stay open with the interactive panel in place, and even if you remove it, once you open up the sides the case falls over. 

Mum moan aside, as I've said, the girls LOVE this, and if you have a Doc McStuffin fan of your own I'm confident it would make a great Christmas or birthday present. I'd just feel inclined to search the internet for a better deal for it than paying out the full RRP.

DISCLAIMER: We were sent this toy to review; all words and thoughts are honest and my own.

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  1. I've just bought my biggest girl a Doc Mac Stuffin doll, she bloody loves. My girls would adore this playset


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