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Saturday, 13 September 2014

First Day at School

It's happened!

My biggest bear has finally started school!

After a super long and lovely nine week summer holiday, Daisy had her very first day at school yesterday.... and she loved it.

Starting school is a huge thing for any child (and parent) and I wanted to make the day a really special one for her.

After spending the night before furiously labelling her brand new school uniform (HA! I do like to leave things til the last minute, don't I!) I got up extra early to make madam a special first-day-at-school breakfast (inspired by the Super Mum that is Ruth from RocknRoller Baby... you can see her super shiny new blog AND her post about her daughter Florence's first day at school here).

I let Daisy choose anything she fancied, as I wanted to send her off on her first day at school with a nice, full tummy!

She opted for a pain au chocolat, some golden syrup weetabix, a bowl of strawberries and an Innocent Smoothie - what a great choice!

Before setting off for school we had an obligatory photo taking session, and then did the same outside the school gates.

I took her up the path to her classroom and helped her find her peg - then left her in the capable hands of her new teacher. Eeeeekk! Daisy took it all in her stride; I, on the other hand, cried all the way home! 

When I picked her up six hours later she was doing 'good sitting' on the carpet (that's one of the things she learnt on her first day - legs crossed and arms in lap) and her teacher said she had been lovely and helpful.... and had talked a lot, which made me laugh. When I asked her what her favourite part of the day was, she said eating hotdogs and playing on the field at lunchtime..... She was very upset when I told her there was no school on Saturdays!

I'd bought her a little goodie bag full of treats to say well done on her first day, and we all went out for dinner at Pizza Express to celebrate.

I still can't believe I have a daughter at school! The last five years have just flown by! xoxo


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