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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

How to Choose Swimwear for a Curvy Figure

Is it just me, or is choosing swimwear majorly stressful?

I always find myself completely torn.... Should I brave it and go for a bikini so that I can get the best tan?  Or would a one piece be better, so that it hides my mummy tummy and a large proportion of my deriere and I can relax a bit? How about opting for a tankini as a happy medium? What even IS a tankini?! 

There's so much choice out there, and so many (photoshopped) images in the media to make us feel self conscious about our own, real, bodies, that swimwear shopping can be a pretty overwhelming experience.

Marisota have created this brilliant guide, which gives tips on how to choose the best swimwear to flatter your body shape (and hide the areas you're not so keen on) leaving you feeling super fantastic and confident. You can also shop their full swimwear collection here. xoxo

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  1. This is a really well put together infographic about women's swimwear fashion. Interesting that half of women are unhappy with their shape. While that seems like a lot, I would have thought it would be higher in the context of shopping for that next swimsuit.


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