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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Labelling School Uniform

One of the biggest things - for me - about Daisy starting school had to be naming all her school uniform. I don't know why but doing it made me feel like a proper bonafide mum!

Of course, I totally understand why it has to be done, but BOY it's mega time consuming isn't it?

Every blouse, pinafore, sock and shoe - plus bags and reading folders and sports kits and water bottles - ALL have to be labelled. I was pretty unprepared for it all if I'm honest.

Having worked with a company called Stuck on You on a review piece before, I always knew I would go back to them for name labels when the time came. Their products are of such high quality, I knew their labels wouldn't disappoint.

I went for the classic large name labels, so that it would be easy for Daisy to read and recognise her name. They have hundreds of options to choose from, from different coloured backgrounds and writing to different fonts and optional illustrations.

Being rather old fashioned, and wanting to keep things simple, I opted for the smart and easy to read 'milky' font in black on a white background, with no illustration (mean mama!).

At £9.99 for fifty labels, I thought the price was super reasonable and I was very impressed (and relieved!!!!) when they arrived just three days after I placed my order (the day before Daisy started school! Told you I'm last minute!). 

Being a neurotic first-time-school-gate-mum I spent the beginning of my evening sewing each individual label on (they are actually iron on but I wanted to make sure they stayed put!). A few labels later and I got the iron out.... 

They are SO EASY to iron on. There was a funny smell but I even managed to get them onto her trainers!! After taking to Twitter for people's genuine thoughts on 'iron on' v 'sew on' the verdict was MASSIVELY in favour of iron on, with Mums describing them as 'god sends' and 'life savers' and claiming ironing them on saves about three hours of your life (I can totally believe it!). I was a bit concerned that they might come off in the washing machine but with some of D's uniform having already been through the wash I am happy to report that they all stayed put. Phew!

DISCLAIMER: We were sent these labels free of charge by Stuck on You in exchange for this honest review.


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