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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Our Dairy Free Blackberry Sponge Recipe

It happened! We created a masterpiece!

Yesterday Daisy and I set about making something delicious out of our blackberry haul. We had a few obstacles to overcome (namely that we had to make the recipe dairy free.... plus we aren't the best of bakers) but we did it.

We used this Delia Smith recipe (which I've always used) for our sponge, substituting the butter for dairy free spread and adding swirls of juice extracted from the berries using the good old fork-and-sieve method - then made buttercream filling and frosting using this dairy free recipe from Muddling Along Mummy.

On Daisy's suggestion, we decorated with gold sugar balls and dust in a star shape, with a few strategically placed leftover blackberries to show everyone exactly what they would be eating.

This was my first attempt at a dairy free cake and I have to say it was super delicious! We're heading back to Cowdray to pick the remaining blackberry crop at the weekend and may well have to make the same recipe again! XOXO

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