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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Bedroom Pretties from Jonny's Sister

I love pretty things around my home, and am a keen collector of all sorts of little one off bits and bobs that I come across. Some are vintage, some are handmade, most are mementos of trips we've made or people we've met. Chances are if I fall in love with something while I'm out shopping, it will come home with me! 

My bedroom is a funny room really. Because our house is so small, and I don't like the two downstairs rooms (there's a front/living room and an eat-in kitchen) to be messy, it tends to be a bit of a dumping ground for everything that is on its way to it's proper place, like toys that have been played with in the front room and need to go back to the girls rooms, piles of clothes to go away in various wardrobes and household papers that need to be filed.

It's my dream to one day turn it into a beautiful peaceful haven, somewhere toy and clutter free that I can retreat to when I need to. I have visions of a wall of framed photos, prints and mirrors, vintage floral bed linen and a slightly bigger wardrobe wouldn't go amiss either ;) As much as I love my daughters, they seem to magically make a mess wherever they go, and my bedroom definitely bears the brunt of it. My bedside tables have stacks of their books on them and I'm forever finding toys underneath my pillows and duvets. I really would love (and appreciate!) a little place just for me.

In an attempt to turn my room into this shangri la, one of my favourite things to buy is bedroom pretties - and my latest acquisition is my favourite one yet!

Hanging Love Letter, £29.95 - c/o Jonny's Sister
(It's in the Gifts for Babies section but hey! I loved it and wanted one for myself!)

These adorable Little Love Letters come from a company I have recently discovered called Jonny's Sister. If you're looking for beautiful, personalised goodies that are handmade in England, then this is definitely an online store to visit! They have a little fabric loop so that they can be hung on door knobs or bed posts, are 100% cotton and are a really decent size at 16cm high (the width varies depending on the letter chosen). They also come in 17 different fabrics so there is something to suit everyone and every room!

Don't you think one would make a beautiful gift for a new baby's nursery? (Or, if you're like me, as a treat for your grown up self!) 

I think my new collection is going to be of ornaments and trinkets in the shape of the letter 'K'. They'd look great in that picture/mirror wall I've been dreaming about too xo


  1. This is very cute. My daughters bedroom is bare at the moment and I need to inject some colour in it so thanks for the idea


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