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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Bucket List #2 & #3 - Pumpkin Pickin' & An Autumn Walk

We've been a bit quiet on the Autumn Bucket List front, but that's not to say we've not been enjoying this amazing time of year.

Today was one of the loveliest days I think I've ever had - and we managed to tick two points off our list too!

This morning we set off for Secretts Pick Your Own Farm and Garden Centre in Milford, which is about ten miles away from us, where they were holding a special pumpkin picking event in honour of Hallowe'en and Half Term. It included a free tractor ride up to the top field where all the pumpkins are, which I thought sounded ace! Turns out most of Surrey did too, as when we arrived at opening time there must have been 120-150 people already ahead of us in the queue!

We'd come without the buggy and I just knew Evie wouldn't be prepared to stand in a car park for an hour so we decided to cut our losses and pick a few pumpkins from the farm shop instead. In hindsight I'm pretty glad we did this as (1) turns out the pumpkin patch wasn't actually a pumpkin patch, it was a field, scattered with hay and lots of pre-picked pumpkins (something to do with health and safety, blah blah) and (2) some friends we saw in the queue on our way home had had to wait an hour and forty minutes! 

We ended up staying at the farm shop for ages; they had a giant pumpkin for the kids to play with and biscuit decorating too, so the girls had lots of fun and enjoyed eating their own creations. We bought one HUGE pumpkin (it's going to take some carving!) and two baby ones and a whole heap of picnicky goodies for lunch too.

Then we set off on the next part of our adventure - leaf kicking, puddle splashing and winter picnicking at Waggoners Wells with some friends of ours!

The sun was out, the sky was blue and we had a brilliant afternoon eating our freshly made sausage rolls and scotch eggs from the farm shop (and the ugly, oversized cake pops we made at the weekend) and running around enjoying the fresh air. The girls climbed trees, walked along fallen branches, slid down hills and fell over in the mud and I enjoyed taking photos of the scenery. If you haven't been to Waggoners Wells before and you live nearby then you really must as it's pretty special.

I can't wait to carry on working through our list and making more memories 

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  1. Awww gorgeous photos of your lovely girls! I love a good Autumn walk, especially in the sun, and the only time I've seen a true pumpkin patch was in New England. All very Charlie Brown! Love the blog header :)


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