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Monday, 27 October 2014

Cake Pop Fail

In order to celebrate National Chocolate Week, our friends at Rangemaster very kindly sent us out a hamper of goodies to make some super delicious - and super chocolatey - cake pops. We'd not made cake pops before so were pretty excited!

It was doomed from the start.

First of all we all had a sickness bug for the entire duration of National Chocolate Week, myself included. So we actually missed the boat with the official celebrations and had to put off our baking session until the week after.

Once we were fighting fit and raring to go, we got all the ingredients out and scanned the recipe card. We hadn't realised that you have to bake the cakes the day before you plan to make your pops, and we were off out for the next two days so we had to put our baking on hold yet again.

Then at the weekend we finally baked our chocolate cakes, and oh boy the cake mixture was good! We did as we were told and left them overnight in the fridge and came back to them the following day to get cake-popping. I took the cakes out of the fridge and left them on the kitchen table to return to room temperature. I then turned my back and pottered around before casting a glance back at the cakes.... one of which was being licked by Mabel Meatball the cat.

Now I'd like to say we disposed of the offending cake and only used the others, but in my shock and whilst shoo-ing Mabel away, I forgot which one was covered in cat lick and I'm slightly concerned it may have made it into the mix. I *think* I binned the right one but I wouldn't bet my life on it. But anyway. We'd got this far, we weren't letting a bit of cat lick ruin our cake pops.

Whilst rolling our mixture into balls, Daisy and I couldn't stop laughing about how much they looked like something else. Neither of us managed to get a perfectly round one. We carried on regardless.

After being left to set in the fridge for an hour, we got cracking with the frosting. This is where I actually got rather hysterical (the laughter kind, not the crying kind, although to be fair it could have gone either way).

We inserted the sticks into the cake pops and covered them in melted chocolate and sprinkles... And then watched as they slid down the stick. Every single one. We'd obviously made our balls too heavy (ahem) and it was just too much for gravity. We thought we were going to have to wave the white flag so ended up eating a few, breaking them up and dipping them into the warm chocolate, but then we got a second wind and decided to soldier on.

We smothered those cake pops in chocolate. We sprinkled them with sprinkles. And then we left them upside down on a plate, toffee apple style, and accepted that these just weren't going to be Pinterest perfect Cake Pops.

Our next challenge was to eat them. 

They were worth all the drama. And the fact it took us about ten days to make them. They really were pretty darn good, although I must confess after all that I won't begrudge paying £1.50 for a ready made one at the Farmers Market next weekend.

Thanks to Rangemaster for inviting us to be a part of this campaign - we had lots of fun! (Kind of).


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