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Saturday, 4 October 2014


This week we gained a new addition to the family...... Say hello to our new (and yet unnamed) kitty cat!

She's an absolute beauty, with really unusual cream and white tabby and seal point markings. She almost looks like a rag doll, with her dark ears, nose and tail and bright white paws, although she is definitely just a moggie (moggies are the best!).

We are so lucky because she is already being incredibly sociable - and tolerant - and has been great with the girls, who have spent the last five days chasing her around and fighting over who gets to pick her up ;)

I've always been a crazy cat lady, and was devastated when we lost our old cat Pogg just days before we moved out of London. Her and Daisy were BFFs and thankfully we had the move to help keep Daisy's mind off of things (she was only two at the time). I think it's so nice for children to grow up with pets; it teaches them to be kind and gentle and how to look after other living creatures. From a grown up's point of view, I just don't think a house is a home without a cat looking through the window as you arrive home from work, or dangling its paw into the water while you're having a bath, or sprawling out over the washing pile when you're looking for your favourite, freshly laundered (and now covered in cat hair) t-shirt.

As I type this, she is purring in her sleep, whilst lying on my chest! I think she's pretty at home here already 

Name-wise, so far Daisy has come up with Elsa, Snowflake, Mabel and Fudge - and keeps flicking between the four! Which do you think suits her best? Or have you got any other ideas? xoxo


  1. Aww! What a cutie.....As for names I pick Elsa....I'm a huge Frozen fan....hehehe

  2. Awww, I don't even like cats (I'm allergic and we never had them when I was little) but she is definitely adorable! I think something like Mabel is super cute x


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