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Thursday, 2 October 2014

The iCandy Verity Changing Bag

I'm a bit of a sucker for a stylish changing bag. As a mum, a changing bag is something I carry around with me every single day, and I have done for the last five years, so I like mine to reflect my style - and I also like to have different ones for different occasions.

The Verity in patent black c/o iCandy

The latest addition to my collection is the iCandy Verity bag in patent black. Also available in two other colours (burgundy and Royal blue) this changing bag looks much more like a handbag than something you'd lug all your baby paraphernalia around in.

It's a brilliant all rounder and suits every occasion. The removable strap enables it to be worn over the shoulder or across the body - perfect when you're on the go and need your hands free - but it can also be handheld for maximum elegance and the patent handles fit comfortably on the shoulder too. The size is ideal as a laptop bag and over the past few weeks this has been used as my mobile office bag on work days. I've also used it as an overnight bag, it's that spacious.

Inside it has two separate compartments, and there are also five compartments on the outside too (four that are easily accessible and one that zips up), so there is plenty of room for nappies and wipes, a change of clothes, juice cups, snacks, toys and mum stuff, like your purse and keys. The main body of the bag zips up which is important to me as I don't like people to see what I'm carrying around, and I like to keep the contents safe too.

The bag comes in a gift box with a dust bag and includes a changing mat, bottle bag, two zip up wet bags (which have poppers to attach them to the inside of the bag) and a removable shoulder strap. They retail at £150.

It's a bit amazing, isn't it? I'm in love with all things patent right now xoxo



  1. I would never have guessed that it is a changing bag. It's really lovely xx

  2. That is an amazing changing bag, so stylish and the best thing is you can use it long after you no longer need to carry nappies around.

  3. Love it, Looks amazing!!



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