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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Changes to Maternity & Paternity Leave

This is a guest post from Kimberley Watson. Kim is a proud mummy and wife herself, but when she gets chance, she’s also a keen writer, having graduated with an English degree. As a bit of a free spirit, she believes travel is the key to a happy life, and she’s going to make sure her kids see the world, too. On the off chance she’s not writing, with the family or off exploring, you can find her curled up with a good book or enjoying some delicious treats. Her 20-year-old-self would be kicking her for not saying ‘partying’, but sadly that’s just not true anymore! You can find her on twitter here

The world isn’t the place it once was. These days, women’s place isn’t in the home – unless of course, they want it to be. Choice is a brilliant thing, which is why deciding to be a stay at home mother, or to go back to work almost immediately after having a baby are both fine – providing choice is there. Of course, there are loads of reasons why some might pick one or the other, and sometimes, these choices may seem almost forced in themselves, due to things like financial pressures.
However, in line with basic equality laws elsewhere in other areas of our lives, there are now some better legal implementations in place for all new parents, which allow families to choose how best to choose parental responsibility after having a baby. Although the entitlement for new mums and dads will stay the same – 52 weeks – there are now things in place which will allow them to share the maternity and paternity time equally or any way they’d like.
For some, it’ll make no difference. However, for some two-parent families, this will be a welcome piece of news which might help them make a better future for their little one and themselves. Not everyone’s eligible to share the time, but many will be, and it’ll mean life may well get easier!

Take a look and see what you think. There are some interesting facts on here – it’s no wonder changes are finally being made!

Infographic courtesy of Taylor Rose.

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