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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Mabel the Kitten

Have you met Mabel yet? 

If you follow me on Instagram you'll have been inundated with kitten spam since she arrived in our household, a little over seven weeks ago.

She's just a moggie but has the most beautiful and unusual markings; a little bit of seal point in her ears and tail, a little bit of tabby in the two 'go faster' stripes running down her back, what looks like a batman mask over her big blue eyes and a black heart shaped nose!

The vet thinks she might have some rag doll and/or burmese in her, not just because of her markings, but because of her build and her temperament. Before she came to live with us she was brought up in the house of a childminder, so she is well used to children and noise and is quite happy being picked up and stroked and played with by the girls. There was no settling in period for her, it's like she's always been part of the family.

It took us quite a while to come up with her name. Before we got her, Daisy had planned to call her Queen Elsa Snowflake because of her white coat, but in fact it's started to darken so  by the time she came home that didn't seem right for her. She was nearly 'Batman' because of her grey face but again, it didn't feel like the one. We then chose Mabel, which suited her just perfectly, however Evie originally pronounced 'Mabel' 'Meatball' which cracked us all up and the name kind of stuck.

After we lost Poggio the cat, the month before we left London and moved to Haslemere, we'd always planned to get another pet. I'm definitely a cat person; I just don't think a house is a home without one. I've always wanted the girls to grow up with animals around them, for the companionship and so that they can learn how to take care of them. I love the way cats sit in the window and wait for you to come home, and know exactly when you need a little bit of affection. Of course I also love their independence and the fact they rule the roost too.

Daisy and Mabel have become the best of friends. Daisy feeds her, they watch TV together and they sleep together at night. They're inseparable and I find the pair of them just so gorgeous! We've already decided that when Evie is a little bigger we'll get a second cat for her. I'm turning into a crazy cat lady already! xoxo



  1. I'm a real cat lover and have 2 myself! But she is a real cutie :) love the name Mabel too

  2. I am totally not a cat lover but kittens are a different story! Cute! :)

  3. Oh my! how cute is Mabel (love the name!) what a sweet little bond they have.


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