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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Making Sushi

Sushi is my most favourite thing to eat in the whole wide world. If I had to choose a last meal, a vast selection of maki rolls and nigiri would be it (followed by a box of Booja Booja chocolates and washed down with ice cold sauvignon blanc!). 

Although I eat it regularly, I always buy it ready made (either in a restaurant or from a Japanese takeaway - never, ever from the supermarket, bluuurrgghhh). I haven't attempted to make it before, mainly due to thinking it would be difficult to source the proper ingredients - sushi grade fish especially. Plus I wouldn't want to become a pro at making it as I would probably end up overindulging and not loving it as much! As it stands, my best friend Emma (who is Japanese - and who I blame entirely for my sushi obsession) and I tend to go out/get a takeaway with our kids every couple of weeks and I enjoy doing just that - but this weekend I roped her into helping me make some sushi of my own!

The items used to make this sushi were very kindly sent to us by The Japan Centre - the best place to go online for all things Japanese. Now I've discovered them I'll definitely be using them again in the future! You can also find them on Facebook here; their Facebook page is a brilliant resource if you're planning on visiting Japan from the UK, like I will be later this month!

It turns out my local fishmongers (The Good Fish Shop in Haslemere) actually sell sushi grade fish so I got some sushi grade raw salmon to make nigiri. With Emma's help I also made omelette nigiri and crabstick and avocado maki rolls.

Do you know what? It was so much easier than I expected (although I did have a pro on hand to show me exactly how to do it which helped massively). It goes without saying that it was mighty tasty too, and I will definitely make it again.xoxo 

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