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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The Cosatto Pretzel High Chair

With a five year old and a two year old, we've been through a few high chairs. Of course, just like buggies, different people look for different things when they're in the market for a high chair, but I think it's safe to say that the list of things people DON'T want them to be is pretty universal.

Our very first one for Daisy was a supermarket cheapie, bought after absolutely no research, and pretty much embodied everything I now hate about high chairs. It was bulky, VERY ugly and made from cheap and nasty plastic with dodgy, temperamental clips and fittings - but it could be folded away easily and only cost us £20 so we persevered with it until Daisy started eating up to the table on a booster with us.

When Evie came along, I was happy to use all our old baby paraphernalia - apart from that wretched high chair, which had already gone to the charity shop (sorry to whoever bought it!). Over the past three years we've tried three well known models but are now the proud owners of a Cosatto Pretzel. It's a keeper!

The Pretzel is a sturdy wooden highchair that can be adjusted to three different settings, making it suitable for weaning, toddlerhood and beyond. Aesthetically I love its sharp, clean lines and think the wood makes it the perfect addition to my country style kitchen. It comes with comfy padded seat cushions and a wooden tray for freestanding feeding which can also be flipped back (or removed completely) so that your little one can eat up at the table with the grown ups, which is something I've always been particularly keen to embrace. The tray is super handy for arts and crafts sessions though as the outer ridge helps to stop pencils and crayons rolling onto the floor, plus it's really easy to wipe clean.

Things I love, love, love about the Pretzel:

- It's easy to put together, to move the seat/footrest levels and to remove the tray
- The wood is very easy to keep clean (plus looks rather lovely too)
- It grows with your child and is suitable from 6 months to ten years
- It tucks away under the table nice and neatly
- The price. At £120, it's 25% cheaper than it's biggest, Scandinavian competitor - and that price includes the cushions and tray which you usually have to pay extra for 

Things I'm not so keen on (but definitely AREN'T deal breakers):

- The white cushions get mucky very easily and show up stains, but to be honest we prefer to use the chair without them anyway
- It would be great if they were available in different colours; turquoise or red or pink or mustard yellow would be amazing - and are all very Cosatto!

The Pretzel costs £120 and is available direct from the Cosatto website here.xoxo

We were sent the Cosatto Pretzel in exchange for this honest review.


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