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Monday, 10 November 2014

The Weetabix Whole Wheat Family Fibre Challenge

Most people in the UK don’t have enough fibre in their diets, so to try and encourage families to eat more, Weetabix have launched the Whole Wheat Family Fibre Challenge. Fronted by Gabby Logan, the campaign aims to highlight the many easy ways that fibre can be incorporated into your family's diet on a daily basis. 

Gabby will follow a high fibre diet plan for a month, created by Weetabix's consultant nutritionist, Sian Porter, and Weetabix also asked me if I fancied taking part alongside her as she encourages the wider public to take the Challenge too.

I'm always interested in hearing about ways in which I can improve my family's diet. Fibre isn't something I'm desperately worried about as we all have plenty of fresh fruit and veg, including daily juices, and we generally eat wholewheat bread and pasta - and lots of weetabix! - but there is always room for improvement and I really keen to hear what Sian had to say about the things we eat.

My first step was to keep a three day food diary so that she could provide me and my family with a tailored high fibre diet plan. My diet generally involves a nutriblast for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch and a healthy dinner, with fruit and nuts as snacks both morning and afternoon. But I'm no angel and certainly enjoy meals out, or a takeaway, most weeks and some chocolate here and there. My daily downfall is that I have a penchant for builders tea (i.e. very sugary) and sometimes skip meals if I am having a busy day.

This is what Sian had to say about my diet:

"Overall quite good, eats a nice variety of fruit and veg
In terms of things to work on:
·        try not to skip meals - Weetabix with milk and fruit can make a quick and satisfying meal when you are time pressured any time of day, is portion controlled and boosts your fibre intake
·        Have some protein at breakfast or during morning as you did with a handful nuts. Yogurt is also a good option
·         Think about having small amount of carbs with your nutribullet smoothie to stop mid-afternoon slump e.g. add handful of oats
·        If adding veg/salad to sandwich do so in meaningful amounts e.g. a portion of beetroot is seven slices or 3 baby ones

·      Try and work on cutting sugar out of drinks - use step wise approach (1 to 1/2 to 1/4)"

There are some fantastic tips there and I will definitely be taking them all on board as I begin my four week challenge today. The sugary tea thing is something I've already been working on and have successfully weaned myself off of two sugars per cup (although it took me a year to accept the taste of just one spoonful!).

It goes without saying that, Weetabix is a brilliant way to start your day; it's a high fibre, healthy and nutritious breakfast option that we all have pretty regularly. If you want to take part in this challenge, you can download the diet from the Weetabix website here.

I'll be keeping you posted on how we're getting on over the course of the plan, and sharing tips and recipes from Weetabix and some of my own. If you're taking part too, or are just interested in increasing your fibre intake, I'd love to hear from you! xo

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