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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Lactofree Winter Warmers: Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate Recipe

The Nutribullet truly is a wonderful thing. I HONESTLY love it more than any other kitchen gadget I own, and have even been advising friends to choose it over the Vitamix when I've been asked my preference (sorry Vitamix, but there's just no comparison; you're three times the price, three times the size and three times as difficult to clean!!).

I use it every day for green smoothies and am making it my mission to experiment and whip up some other recipes in the new year.  

My latest concoction is Lactofree Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate. It also has some sunflower, chia seeds and bananas thrown in for good measure so that you can feel extra virtuous whilst drinking it. (Hot chocolate that contains two of your five a day?!! Yes please!)

Although my diet is predominantly dairy free, I only have a lactose intolerance so have used Lactofree milk here. I personally prefer the taste of Lactofree to soya, hazelnut and oat milk and am lucky enough to be able to drink it. If you are entirely dairy free you can, of course, swap this for your favourite dairy alternative.

Makes just over 1 pint of hot chocolate so enough for two... unless you're feeling greedy of course! ;)

2x bananas
1x tbsp peanut butter
1x tbsp chocolate spread
1x tsp chia seeds
1x tsp sunflower seeds
1 pint milk

What to do.
Stick it all in your Nutribullet and blitz!
Then heat slowly on the hob at a low temperature (you really must do it gently or it will burn and/or go lumpy.... I know from experience. Patience is a virtue!)
Pour into your favourite mug and enjoy xo


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