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Monday, 1 December 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

It's 1st December, which can only mean one thing..... it's CHRISTMAS TREE DAY!

After school this afternoon Daisy, Evie and I headed off to our local garden centre to buy a big, beautiful Nordic fir for our front room. I love this annual shopping trip so much! All three of us were wrapped up cosy and warm, and we spent AGES outside the garden centre, going through all the different types and sizes of tree, until we found our perfect one.

Then we had the excitement of choosing a new decoration for our tree, and this year Daisy had already decided that she'd like to swap our boring, old Christmas star for a fairy. She picked out a rustic, Scandanavian style one from Gisela Graham with long, blonde hair in two plaits tied up with red ribbons, a red bobble hat and long dress covered in hearts and snow flakes.

Once we got our tree home, we put our Christmas playlist on the iPod and spent two hours decorating our front room. Yay! 

As well as our pretty Christmas fairy, this year we also got some new fairy lights and they are definitely my favourite out of all of our decorations now! We chose the colour change rainbow lights from the Science Museum which I honestly think make our Christmas window display! They are such bright, vibrant colours, and I LOVE the round bulbs - they look like mini baubles so are perfect for Christmas. We've had lots of compliments about them already! :)

I adore this time of year, and think our front room looks so cosy when it's full of candles and twinkly lights!

Have you put your Christmas decorations up yet? xoxo



  1. Ah it looks gorgeous- love the multicoloured lights. x

  2. I'm not normally a fan of coloured lights but the little balls look fabulous! Our tree day is next Saturday,I can't wait! :)


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