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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

My Health & Fitness Goals for 2015

Usually when I read about new year's resolutions (ESPECIALLY ones to do with diet and exercise) I roll my eyes and shake my head and tut a bit. I used to make them all the time in my teens and twenties, and I KNOW they only last a couple of weeks before old habits are reverted back to. 

In the last five years I've not been worried enough about my weight to start a crazy diet, or felt a desperate urge to increase my exercise. I eat well (everything in moderation) and am very active so, although there have been times where I've fancied losing half a stone, or toning up my tummy, I've not really had the motivation or willpower to do it. If eating what I want and not slaving away at the gym means I'm a little bit heavier and wobblier than is ideal - but I'm happy - then that's the way it should be.

But something this year feels different. Perhaps its the fact I'm getting divorced, or that I turn 35 in June (officially mid-thirties, eeeek!) but I really, really want to start looking after myself.

I'm still not going to make any drastic changes, but I am going to make some small ones that I hope I will be able to stick to for the whole year. What do people call them? 'Lifestyle changes' rather than New Years Resolutions, yadda yadda, eye roll, head shake.

So my plans?

To kick start 2015 with a three day juice fast. You can read all about my first ever one here. After starting to juice two years ago, I now do it every day and whenever I'm feeling a little toxic throughout the year I will fast for a day or two. This year will be slightly different as I have a new bit of kit (my beloved Nutribullet) and will be making smoothies rather than juices. 

Then to spend four weeks doing my annual detox. I do this every January and cut out wheat, meat and dairy for twenty eight days. Since giving up dairy altogether back in May, I'm not sure whether this year will be easier or harder! I've definitely eaten more wheat in the past six months, so I'm suspecting it will be the latter. You can read all about my detox here, and why I do it here.

I have to admit I considered joining a gym, but more for the 'me time' than actual exercise. I'm not one to run on a treadmill, or cycle on a static bike. I'd much rather see the scenery change in front of me and feel the wind on my face. A couple of years ago I got massively into barefoot running and, although there has been lots of controversy over the genuine advantages of wearing these funny looking running shoes in recent months, I really did enjoy it and I think I might start again.

I've also been given some kettlebells to try out by the folks at Aldi (they have a fantastic new range of yoga and fitness equipment going into store on 2 January, which includes cast iron Kettlebells from 2.5kg (£6.99) up to 7.5kg (£11.99) and 1kg, 2kg and 3kg ergonomically shaped Dumbbells (£6.49)). If you're interested in buying some, be quick - because once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Lastly, I'll be wearing taking part in the Halfords #31fitterdays Campaign, and wearing a Garmin Vivofit for the entire duration of January; in the bath, while I sleep - ALL. THE. TIME! The Garmin Vivofit is the ideal fitness companion. Not only does it count steps, countdown to your daily goal, calculate the distance you have travelled and the calories you have burned, it also reminds you when to get out of the chair and move your lazy bones AND it tells you whether or not your getting decent quality sleep (this I am SO keen to see!)

So there you have it. My health and fitness goals for 2015; nothing too hardcore or drastic so hopefully I will have the willpower to keep it up beyond January. 

Anyone else planning on doing something similar? I'll be keeping you posted on my progress and would love to know how you're getting on too!xoxo



  1. Ive started running a lot more. I am wanting to get back to the things i love.

  2. I have been running as part of my fitness mission all year and also doing kettlebells- I love them and have a variety of different weights now. I have abs for the first time ever (albeit very faint ones haha!) and I definitely think kettle bells are the reason! x


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