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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Dear Diary #2

Happy Sunday all! I hope you've had a lovely week. 

We've had a rather quiet one here; we've spent it pottering around at home, shopping, on play and coffee dates.

On Monday I promised Daisy we'd bake brownies after school. Of course, if I wanted to sample our culinary delights they had to be dairy free so I adapted a Nigella recipe, replacing the butter with dairy free spread and ensuring all chocolate was plain (so no milk or butter). I'm not going to lie, the result was A-MAZING.

Tuesday was a day of shopping. I'd not been out and treated myself for ages - so I got myself a new pair of trainers courtesy of my lovely sister and the voucher she got me for Christmas, and some new perfume too. I've been wearing Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb for eleven years so it was definitely time for a change and I opted for Jo Malone's Earl Grey & Cucumber. It's divine. I also FINALLY managed to get Evie to wear a pair of gloves. Does anyone else struggle to get their toddler to keep them on? I told a little white lie and said these dinosaur mittens were puppets. They kind of are really. Anyway, they are Evie's new favourite 'toys' and she has worn them every day since we got them!

On Wednesday something crazy happened. I joined the gym. I'd been thinking about it ever since reviewing the Cranleigh Club just before Christmas, despite being pretty anti-gym for the last five or six years. All of a sudden I found myself really wanting to get fit and I'm forward to starting this week. On Wednesday I also prepped smoothie bags for the first time. I had fruit and veg that needed using up and didn't want to see it go to waste so I bagged it all up for the freezer. I experimented a bit with them later this week; my first attempt at blitzing them in the Nutribullet made my smoothies too thick, almost ice cream like. I've learnt to take them out of the freezer on waking and then use them around an hour later when they've thawed out a bit.

I spent Thursday at home with Evie, whilst Daisy was at school. It was a day of house work and washing and making giant wotsits at lunchtime. As you do.

Friday night is movie night in our house and this week was no different. We watched My Neighbor Totoro (one of our favourite films!) and the girls ate what is apparently their new favourite pudding - The Dairy Collective Russian Fudge Yoghurt. I have to admit, it looked goooooood.

On Saturday Daisy had a party, so Evie & I went for a long walk and then on to the park by ourselves in the afternoon. It was bitterly cold so we wore our Anna Söderström hats and scarves!

Today was spent with family, as all Sundays should be. My parents came over and I cooked roast beef, before heading out to work for a few hours this afternoon. I let Daisy choose her own clothes and she looked awesome!

This week I have been reading:
Recipe books! Lots and lots of recipe books. I'm really embracing this new healthy way of life and have been busy reading up on lots of vegan and paleo meals after spending an hour looking up new ideas on Pinterest with Daisy. Almost every picture we pinned was made of cauliflower which made us laugh as it's not usually our favourite vegetable!

Listening to:
Jessie Ware. I'm not so keen on her singles but have been listening to some acoustic versions of them on YouTube and Spotify and am in love. This is my absolute favourite right now:


My new trainers! After gait analysis I opted for a pair of New Balance 630v2s - for gym work mostly - but have found myself wearing them on the school run with jeans and a sweater. I love the neon yellow/grey/turquoise colour combo.

What have you been up to? xoxo

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  1. Those brownies look yum! I haven't tried the russian fudge yoghurt but they did a Christmas pudding one at Christmas which was so tasty.

    Good luck with the gym! X


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