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Monday, 5 January 2015

One Day: Three Castles

This past weekend, the girls and I visited family in South Wales. 

It was a super fleeting visit; only 24 hours! But after the indulgence of Christmas and with the end of the school holidays fast approaching, we were itching to get out and about in the fresh air and have an adventure - and we really wanted to spend some quality time with my auntie and uncle too.

So yesterday was spent exploring the vale of South Glamorgan and we paid three ruined castles a visit.

If you're looking for places of interest to visit in South Wales then these three sites should definitely be on your list of contenders!

Our first stop was Ogmore Castle, in the beautiful village of Ogmore-by-Sea. The castle remains are Norman and the scenery along the B4524 on your way there is equally as breathtaking as the castle ruins themselves. 

For those of you that like a romantic story (I know I do!) there are 52 stepping stones crossing the ford of the two rivers. They were apparently built so that a girl that lived in the castle could cross the river to see her lover at Merthyr Mawr!

The river was really high and fast flowing when we visited so we couldn't get across, but I've been before as a child and had heaps of fun leaping across the stones and paddling in the water. This time we had to make do with splashing in the puddles and squelching in the mud but that was just as fun!

Next up, we headed to Coity Castle which wasn't in quite as beautiful a setting as Ogmore but was an absolutely incredible three storey ruin with huge, precarious looking chimney stacks and spiral staircases leading no-where.

This castle underwent substantial alterations over the years and you can see bricked in windows, doorways and fireplaces everywhere you look. It's pretty overwhelming to think about all the families that lived there over the years.

Our last stop was St Quentin's Castle; the smallest of the three ruins, but in the most wonderful of locations. Cowbridge town is nearby and had some lovely looking shops, pubs and houses - if we'd had the time I'd have loved a little wander up the high street, so that's going on my To Do list for the summer. We'll definitely be returning when the weather gets warmer; the girls loved running up and down the hills and the grounds would make the perfect picnic spot!

Here are a few photos of our day....

PS Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had heaps of fun celebrating over the festive season and 2015 is everything you could wish for and more xoxo

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