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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Dear Diary #3

The past week has just flown by! I can hardly believe we're in February now. I'm well and truly on half term countdown, and can't wait to have both girls at home for a full week in the middle of the month. With Daisy at school full time, I've been finding it hard to get the balance right; should we spend our weekends relaxing or off out on adventures? I try and do a day of each but am looking forward to having 9 days to spend doing whatever we want!

This week was a pretty darn good one really. Monday was spent pottering around at home; catching up on washing and doing the food shop and then Daisy had a friend round after school.

Tuesday was a day of cake! We are lucky enough to have the most amazing cupcakery in our town. It's called Mirabelles and we go there quite a lot because it's really child friendly and makes, without doubt, the best soya cappuccino in Haslemere - nay, THE WORLD. Today we tried a blueberry cupcake and it has jumped straight into my top three flavours (after Dawn French - which is chocolate orange - and good ole vanilla). Yum.

On Wednesday I bought a record player. Not just any record player either; the most incredible, immaculate 1966 Bush SRP41. I had been looking at getting a Dansette but they really do cost silly money. Then this Bush one came along and I fell a little bit in l.o.v.e with it. Not only is it a beaut, it works perfectly and the sound is amazing.

I did a spot more vintage shopping on Thursday and came home with this beautiful footstool. I love the colour and the pattern on the upholstery! 

On Friday night I had my first night out in forever and the girls had a sleepover at Granny & Grandad's house. A friend and I went to a gig at Westminster Reference Library and then on for drinks in Hackney. It's been a long time since I've had a chance to chat and drink wine and be myself. This was my first night out since the separation three months ago and, although I hate leaving the girls, I think it was well deserved. 

Saturday was a lazy day which lead into a lazy evening! It was freezing outside so we put our woollies on, cranked up the heating and spent it on the sofa watching Wallace & Gromit and eating bangers and mash with peas, yorkshires and gravy. While I was taking this photo  Mabel the cat pinched the yorkshire pudding from my plate and ran off with it. We laughed a lot!

Today has been favourite kind of day EVER. Full of food and friends and time spent by the sea. This morning we met the cutest puppy called Woody. He's a springer spaniel and the girls spent the majority of the day asking if we could get one.... right up until bedtime. 

Then we spent the afternoon at the coast, visiting my friend (and Evie's godmother) who is back from Dubai for a few days. The girls ran up and down the shore line for ages and picked up all sorts of shells, stones and pieces of driftwood. We stopped off for a Pizza Express in Arundel on our way home and have decided we're going to go back there for a look around the castle on our next day out.

This week I have been reading up on how my new NutriNinja works. I've been using my Nutribullet since October and can't imagine life without it. Then the lovely people at  Lactofree offered me a NutriNinja as part of my ongoing ambassadors programme with them and I have to admit I was very keen to be able to compare the two! Thoughts coming up tomorrow.....

Listening to loads of old LPs.... Yes I successfully persuaded my Dad to 'lend' me some! The Beatles, Carole King, The Kinks, The Rolling Stones. They just sound so much better on vinyl - I really don't like all the digitally remastered stuff!


My Pat Butcher coat! Ha. I love this coat too much. I bought it second hand from Camden market and after doubling the amount I paid for it by having it altered and dry cleaned it's been sat in a suitcase in my loft for the last few years. It's sheepskin and so, so , so, so warm - so I've been wearing it on the freezing cold school run twice a day. It also got to come on my night out on Friday!

This week I'm linking up to Hannah from Make Do & Push's TWTWC.xoxo


  1. Very jealous of the purple cake, it just looks so good! We used to have a kitten who growled at you if you had duck! Hope you are well, your life looks full of colour at the moment from these pictures. ;) xx

  2. What a fabulous week you've had! That cake looks divine, and a girly night out?? Oooh I long for one of those with wine... (only 4 months to go!) Mabel is so naughty!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx


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