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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Dear Diary #4

This week has been one of me-time, Mabel, sushi and shopping! 

On Monday the girls went to meet their new baby cousin after Daisy finished school, which meant I only had to cook a meal for one. I came over all fancy and opted for steak with sweet potato mash and a rocket salad. The kids won't eat any of those three things and I LOVE them so it was a pretty indulgent meal for me (washed down with a rather lovely glass of rioja too, I might add).

I worked on Tuesday so it was a pretty quiet day. We'd had snow overnight which made the morning a bit more interesting (I stacked it on my way in!). 

Wednesday and Thursday were spent pottering around at home, working a little and running errands in town. Mabel was hilarious this week; and on these two days particularly. I swear she thinks she's a dog. (Or a human?) She rolls around on her back waiting to have her tummy tickled, plays fetch with her toys and eats EVERYTHING. We had roast chicken for dinner on the Wednesday and after last week's yorkshire pudding debacle, made entirely sure she couldn't pinch any again. This time she made a beeline for the leftover roast potatoes, devouring two huge ones. Honestly, you'd think we never fed her but I can assure you we do! On Thursday night she ate an entire cupcake. Dragged it off the kitchen surface and hid under the kitchen table while she polished the whole thing off - nearly all the paper case too!

I spent the WHOLE of Friday AT A SPA. Old Thorns in Liphook. I've only ever been to one once before and it was a really fleeting visit. This was the biggest treat ever - and all thanks to my friend who was sent there as a Christmas present and took me as her plus one!

I worked out, went for a swim, had a facial, a massage, steam room, sauna, slap up two course lunch, glass of champagne. I love having a meal cooked for me, I really do. The funniest thing was that I was utterly shattered when I got home! It's hard work relaxing and being waited on hand and foot, you know.

On Saturday we went up to London for a friend's baby shower and had dinner at my parents' house. As if I hadn't relaxed enough yesterday, I got to put my feet up and watch some TV while the girls played with Granny and Grandad, which was rather nice for all of us!

Today was most definitely not a day of rest. Instead it was one of sushi and shopping! The girls and I headed into town to buy a few bits and for a sushi lunch. On our shopping list was 1. new water bottles for the girls (check) 2. a new kitchen bin (check) and 3. a spice rack. Don't laugh but I got majorly excited by the latter. I've wanted to organise my herbs and spices for forever.... now I just need to persuade my Dad to come round and hang this up in the larder.

This week I have been reading.... blogs! Lots of blogs! I love all those that I already visit regularly (look over to the right hand side for a list of some of my current faves) but am always looking to read more. Anyone got any recommendations?

Listening to.... The Carpenters. One of my friends posted this video of Karen Carpenter playing the drums on Facebook this week. I can't stop watching it! She was so talented.

Wearing.... wellies! It's been snowing so my Hunters (and my thick boot socks) have been my best friends pretty much every day.... apart from when I was in the spa, of course.

This week I'm linking up with Hannah from Make Do & Push's TWTWC again. I loved reading what everyone else has been up to! xoxo


  1. I am desperate for a new spice rack so totally know how you are feeling!! Sounds like an awesome week!

  2. I was stressing about my untidy spices earlier so I can totally relate to your spice rack excitement! :-D

  3. Sounds like you've had a great week! Mabel is adorable - she looks really like Evie in some of the photos you post (is that a weird thing to say?? One of our family cats looked like Aragon from Lord of the Rings...!) Yay for spa day!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx

  4. Love your cat! Some great photos from last week! Sounds a busy one can't wait to see what this week has had in store. Sorry you fell over I slipped a few times too! TWTWC


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