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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Luxurious Lactofree Raspberry Milkshake

This year I'm really excited to be working with Lactofree as one of their Ambassadairies

Those of you that know me will know that I had gallbladder surgery last year and was advised to cut out fatty foods and dairy as a result. Since then I've slowly tried reintroducing dairy products but I've come to realise that it doesn't really agree with me at all. I've tried all the alternatives; hazelnut and rice milk etc etc and soya yoghurts, but there's no substitute for proper cheese and tea just doesn't taste right without proper dairy in it!

I was pretty thrilled when I was introduced to Lactofree by a friend. By all accounts, lots of people that suffer from digestive discomfort after eating products containing cows milk aren't actually allergic or intolerant to dairy - just the lactose in it. 

In my case I was advised to cut dairy out due to the high fat content of butters and cheeses, but I'd always had a feeling that it didn't agree with me anyway. Being mostly dairy free - and entirely lactose free - over the past eight months has given me a new lease of life and made me feel a hundred million times better than I did before.

But anyhoo.... back to my work with Lactofree. As part of their #SayYesToDairy campaign they sent me out a NutriNinja and some Lactofree goodies to get creative with in the kitchen. The aim was to come up with a delicious, lactose free smoothie.... and I think I did goooooooood.

Usually, when I juice or blend, I go for uber healthy options, made predominantly from vegetables - so this recipe was a real treat!

Luxurious Lactofree Raspberry Milkshake

A large handful of frozen raspberries (it's essential that they're frozen and not fresh as this helps with the thick and ice creamy texture!)
One Lactofree raspberry yoghurt
Lactofree milk
Milled flaxseed (so you can pretend that you're being extra virtuous).

What to do.
Add all the ingredients to the NutriNinja cup and blitz. Add a splash of extra milk and shake to get the perfect consistency!

Enjoy xoxo

PS I'll be writing up my comparison between the NutriBullet and the NutriNinja at some point this week..... keep your eyes peeled.


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  1. I LOVE the lactofree range. These cheese is addictive. I nearly wept when I discovered it!! I realised I was allergic to dairy about 5 years ago and this range has been a life saver. Great post!


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