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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Mabel the Cat

Mabel the cat is almost six months old now, can you believe it?

It seems like just yesterday that we brought that little white ball of fluff home to live with us, although at the same time it's as if she's always been part of our family.

Her markings have changed slightly. She is now a slightly darker beige, rather than cream, with the same gorgeous seal point markings and white socks. Our vet has thirty years experience and says she is honestly the most beautiful and unusual looking cat he has ever seen!

She has turned out to have the nicest temperament out of any other cat I've ever known too; she gets dragged around from pillar to post by the girls, forced to be the 'baby' when they play Mummies and Daddies and is forever being picked up and cuddled - and she has never lashed out at them, or wanted to run away. She just wants to be with them, so even when I put her over the other side of the stair gate so that she can escape she comes right back to where she was before.

Then in the evenings she is glued to me. Literally. She keeps me company while I work or watch TV and then sleeps on my chest and shoulders at night. She really has helped me throughout this separation process; they say animals are great therapy and I wholeheartedly agree. She has also made evenings in on my own once the kids are asleep a whole heap more bearable!

She most definitely rules the roost though, and knows just how to get her own way. She is utterly spoilt; despite us giving her fresh meat and fish almost daily, she knows exactly how to persuade the girls to give her titbits from their dinner plates and she has her littlest owner very well trained in opening the cat treat tin on her behalf.

In fact we love her character so much that we have decided that we'd like her to have a litter of kittens  and we have match made her with a gorgeous Pedigree Tonkinese boy cat with an equally lovely temperament. Fingers crossed there will be the pitter patter of tiny paws in the not too distant future! (brace yourselves for the IG spam!)

Thinking of getting a kitten yourself? I would totally recommend it - they make fabulous family pets. It's a great way to teach children responsibility and how to be kind and gentle, plus cats make the best companions for little people! The important things are that you get a kitten from a responsible breeder, keep him or her up to date with his or her inoculations and take out cat insurance for any unexpected vet bills. 

This is a collaborative post.

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  1. Mabel is a gorgeous kitten. We got our kitten Barney at around the same time as you I think, he will be 6 months this month, I have never had cats before but I love him, he is very affectionate too and amazing with the children, they are a great family pet aren't they. x


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