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Monday, 16 March 2015

Peppa Pig World at Paulton's Park

As a family, we LOVE Paulton's Park. It's not especially close to us (its about 60 miles away) but it's a journey I'm more than happy to make and this year I am most definitely going to be buying a season ticket so that we can visit lots. I've taken the girls twice before, and both times we were there for the park's main attraction; Peppa Pig World. 

Peppa Pig World is just a tiny part of the huge Paulton's Park. Its a five minute walk from the main entrance and is made up of seven rides, indoor and outdoor play areas, lots of things to see, lots of photo opportunities and the obligatory cafes and gift shop too. Back into the main park there is Dinosaur Land to explore and water parks to cool off in, in Summer and plenty of places to get food or enjoy a picnic brought from home. 

What I love about Paulton's Park

- It's so clean! There are recycling points everywhere, so there's never any need to go hunting for one, and my husband and I both noticed how all the staff picked the odd bit of litter up if they passed any.

- There's so much open space. The main reason I'm contemplating buying an annual pass is not for the rides, but for the actual park! It's such a lovely place to visit. There are heaps of picnic tables you can use and lots of grassy patches (with plenty of shade from trees) if a blanket is more your thing! There are beautiful gardens to run through and the splash parks are brilliant on a warm day.

- You aren't forced into spending a fortune on food. So many places don't let you take your own food in these days. Being dairy free now, I can only imagine the problems this would cause for me plus, as a parent, I'm more than aware of how fussy children can be when it comes to food.

My top tips?

- Stay over if you can; then you can enjoy two (or more!) days of Paulton's Park fun! There is a Holiday Inn just a few miles away which offers brilliant family accommodation at really reasonable prices.

- Bring your own picnic food. There are loads of gorgeous picnic spots around the park - and a good selection of food outlets, which are admittedly very reasonably priced - but I much prefer to take my own food and snacks so that I know my family will like and eat them. If you do fancy treating yourself and eating there, have a wander around. The cafe in Peppa Pig World was ridiculously busy, but other restaurants and kiosks had no queues whatsoever.

- Pay the Water Kingdom a visit. (That's the one in the main theme park, not the tiny, overcrowded themed one in Peppa Pig World). It is BRILLIANT. Pack a swimsuit for the kids and let them run riot in the fully enclosed mini water park full of sprinklers and water jets. There are shops on site that sell costumes and towels (at a price!) for emergencies - or you can just pretend you're back in the 80s and let your children run around in their pants like I did the first time we went! Chuh, who cares?!

- If its summer and your kids are wearing sandals without socks, pack a pair for George's Space Adventure (the indoor soft play). Socks are compulsory (and staff are on the door to check). We had to spend £4.50 on two pairs of socks from the shop which is money we could have saved, had we known.

- Pre-book your tickets; not only will it knock a bit off the price, it means you can skip the sales kiosk queues and go straight to the entrance gate.

This is a collaborative post.


  1. Great post. We love Peppa Pig World too and I totally agree about the water area. The sprinklers are so much fun for all the kids :) x

  2. Great tips! We had a fantastic day at PPW for my daughter's 3rd birthday but didn't get to see any of Paulton's Park itself. Next time we go, we will definitely stay over and make it a 2 day trip.


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