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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Daily Outfit ♥ Art Deco Inspired

Navy Textured Dress, £65 - Wolf & Whistle
Black chunky ankle boots - Kurt Geiger AW14 (similar here)

I'm a big fan of East London fashion brand, Wolf & Whistle. Their collections are the epitome of femininity - and this art deco inspired navy and cream cotton dress, with a V-neckline and full tulip skirt is no exception!

It's fully lined, with a fitted waistband and a concealed zip at the back, and I am completely in love with the print. I teamed it with black tights and chunky boots but I think it would look great with bare legs and clogs in the summer tooxoxo

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Dear Diary #15

Last week was our first pox free week in what feels like FOREVER! Hoo-freaking-ray!

I celebrated my new found freedom on MONDAY by pouring a nice, big G&T for myself whilst cooking dinner. (I'd worked during the day and the girls were at school and nursery). Today my new Inky Huckster Be Kind banner from Southwood Stores also arrived. I totally love it!

On TUESDAY I ventured out for a bit of junk shop shopping (one of my favourite pastimes) and came home with a rather funny looking new cat ornament. Evie spotted it and we both felt a bit sorry for it so we decided to splash out (it only cost 50p!) and bring it home with us. I do love a bargain.

WEDNESDAY was a quiet day of housework and admin and food shopping.... We had lovely weather though, and the children enjoyed playing in the garden. Which inspired my activities on THURSDAY..... I worked in the morning and ended up having a child free afternoon, which I spent making two trips to the dump and getting stuck into some gardening! I wore a boob tube and shorts and caught the sun which was an added bonus. I think I'm the only grown up I know that gets excited when their freckles come out!

We kick started FRIDAY by dancing around the kitchen to Iggy Azalea before breakfast. Turns out I know ALL THE WORDS to Trouble, including Jennifer Hudson's warbley bits. The kids were not impressed. Today I also suffered my first seriously bad hair day since getting a fringe almost a year ago, which put me in a bad mood that was further heightened when the piano tuner came round and told me that the tuning block was cracked and it was basically a write off! After all the expense and hard work of lugging it from London to Haslemere!! I could have* cried.


It was a good job I had my neighbour coming over for wine after school to cheer me up..... plus I had quite possibly the hottest, deepest, bubbliest bath EVER, complete with two Elsa's, Catrine from Monster High AND Ariel to wind down in. Saucy.

I worked again on SATURDAY morning and we set off for London for the afternoon. The girls and I had fun going through lots of old clothes at my parents house, and I found myself trying on my Mum's wedding dress which I am TOTALLY wearing if I ever get married again! (It's 1970s Biba - LOOK AT THOSE SLEEVES!!!!) Daisy tried on my old school and brownie uniforms and everyone said she looked just like me when I was little.

On SUNDAY we got up at the crack of dawn (YES! I finally got my own back on my early rising babies when I dragged THEM out of bed at 5.30am!) and we set off on another road trip, this time to Essex for the christening of Alice from An Essex Wife's two daughters. It was a lovely day and the girls loved seeing their friends (as did I!). Thank you for inviting us, Alice xoxo

This week I have been:

listening to.... Vance Joy's album 'dream your life away'. All the freaking time. The track Winds of Change is a particular favourite. Siiiigghhhhhh.

wearing.... my new Wolf & Whistle dress! See above.

reading.... the itinerary for our trip to Disney World next month. Oh my! I think I might actually be more excited than the children. We are staying at the Animal Kingdom lodge and have some fantastic things planned. I'm feeling very lucky right now, and so happy I can give the girls such a brilliant treat as we come to the end of a pretty rough twelve months.

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Monday, 27 April 2015

A Family Holiday in Tenerife

Choosing a destination for your family holiday is tricky. Not only do you need to find a place where there will be enough for everyone to do, but you also have to consider cost, weather and food. With this in mind, here are five reasons why a family holiday in Tenerife ticks all the right boxes!

The weather
Tenerife is 200 miles off the coast of Africa which means that it benefits from a sub-tropical climate, and temperatures rarely get below 20C degrees all year round. Visit in winter for some much needed sun or go in the summer months and spend plenty of time in the pool. Just don’t forget to pack the sun cream!
Value for money
Flights to Tenerife are very reasonable although the prices can increase during the peak summer season. However, with a wide range of resorts to choose from, there are some fantastic late and last minute deals to be had. 
The currency is the euro and because the island is exempt from EU VAT regulations, it’s a great place to stock up on duty free items.
Family-friendly resorts
Tenerife is a well-developed holiday destination, with plenty of resorts that are family-friendly. If you’re looking for lively fun at a decent price, consider Playa de Las Americas or Los Cristianos. Here you’ll find plenty of hotels and restaurants that are extremely welcoming to families with little ones. 
Alternatively, Costa Adeje is also a good choice; it's Tenerife’s newest resort and tends to be quite quiet. 
Brilliant beaches
Tenerife is renowned for its beaches, which means that it's ideal for kids. Hire a couple of sun loungers, then pitch up for the day and let the family run riot. Amongst the best are Playa de la Teresitas, El Medano and Playa de Las Vistas – all have a variety of water sports such as pedalos and windsurfers, and plenty of cafes and facilities close to hand.
Fun-filled activities
A week can feel like a long time to keep the kids amused, but on Tenerife there’s always plenty of things to do. Siam Park theme park in Costa Adeje is an absolute must if you are a family that loves rollercoasters, while you can spend at least a day at Aqualand on the waterslides and flumes. 
Nature lovers will enjoy Loro Parque aquarium and Jungle Park Las Aguillas, and if you’re feeling really adventurous, there are plenty of guided scuba diving and horse-riding tours.
It very much depends on the age of your children as to what kinds of things you might pack into your itinerary – teenagers will love the nightlife, but even with little ones, simply lounging around the pool and paddling in the sea is great fun. Friendly locals and great food make this Spanish island one of the best family destinations there is

In association with First Choice.


Saturday, 25 April 2015

Marley Spoon Recipe Delivery Service: A Review

A couple of weeks ago I was asked whether I'd be interested in reviewing a new recipe kit delivery service. I have always wanted to use one; I absolutely love cooking but sometimes it's difficult to concentrate when you have two tired children squabbling at the end of a long day, and pouring a g&t whilst whipping up a bowl of pasta with shop bought arrabiata sauce and pre-grated parmesan is the only thing you can muster up the energy to do.

I find cooking really very therapeutic, and before kids I cooked from scratch all.the.time. These days, it's just the shopping for and measuring out of ingredients that can stress me out, which is why I tend to be a bit of a bung-everything-into-a-pot-and-hope-for-the-best kind of cook, rather than a precise and methodical one. 

Marley Spoon sent me everything I needed for two meals; both of which were seasonal recipes with market-fresh, locally sourced ingredients. You can choose meals from a selection which changes weekly and they start at just £5.50 a portion (including delivery). With there only being three of us at home (one big one and two littlies) I opted for the meals for two rather than four, and have to say the portions were very generous indeed.

Sun dried tomato and feta lamb burgers with Greek salad
Creamy parmesan and aubergine bake with basil gnocchi

First up we cooked sun dried tomato and feta lamb burgers with Greek salad, and our second meal was creamy parmesan and aubergine bake with basil gnocchi. The ingredients  for both were incredible; excellent quality and so, so fresh - and beautifully packaged as well (I'm a real sucker for good packaging, and all of theirs is fully recyclable or can be picked up by their return service too). With everything already measured out exactly, and super simple instructions (including step by step photos and a list of the utensils and store cupboard ingredients you need) the meals took no time at all to prepare. There are meat, fish and veggie recipes, which are all created by professional chefs - and the website is updated weekly so there is always something new to try. All you have to do is choose what you'd like to eat and how many people you need to feed at each meal and then go straight ahead and order online!

The meals were both massive hits with the kids, although I modified their portions a bit, e.g. swapping the feta for cheddar in the burgers and giving them iceberg lettuce in the salad with the parmesan and aubergine bake instead of rocket. This service really is ideal for families that want to eat well but struggle for time - and also for those that want to try new things like we do!

If you're interested in trying Marley Spoon for yourself - and I wholeheartedly recommend that you do - the first fifty readers to redeem the code ModernMummy&Marley will receive £25 off their first Marley Spoon order! I will most definitely be using them again.

DISCLAIMER: The ingredients for these meals were complimentary but all thoughts and words are genuine and my own.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Five Favourites: Summer Holiday Shopping

Next month the girls and I are heading off to Walt Disney World in Florida for a very much needed week of FUN!

We all know that one of the best things about going away is having a genuinely legitimate excuse to go shopping for some brand spanking new holiday clothes... and that's exactly what I've been doing this evening. 

Here are five purchases I might have made tonight.*

*I totally did

What do you think? xoxo

1. Womens Short Sleeve Tunic in lake blue stripe, £69.95 - Joules - because a smart-casual but cool dress for evening dining is essential // 2. Beach dress, £50 - Cath Kidston - perfect for throwing over swimwear, plus you can untie the straps for an even tan // 3. Green sarong, £35 - Boden - ditto above! // 4. Vintage boyleg swimsuit, £59 - Boden - JUST BECAUSE! // 5. Viveca Zeal Sandals in white and tan leather, £50 - Clarks at Brantano - save space in your suitcase by packing one pair of shoes that look equally at home round the pool as they do being paired with a smart frock


Monday, 20 April 2015

Dear Diary #14

Yeah, so it turns out I totally tempted fate when I wrote that Evie had managed to avoid the pox in my last diary entry. A couple of hours after hitting publish she woke up with a temperature and the spots had started on her tummy..... the following morning they had quadrupled! She got it SO much worse than Daisy and was so unhappy and uncomfortable with it; we had many a stressful day and sleepless night. I'm glad this week is finally over and she is on the mend again. 

Needless to say its another short diary entry from me, as we've had to spend a third week at home with a certain highly contagious small person!

MONDAY was a teacher training day at Daisy's school and Evie's first proper morning at nursery. (She was still pox-less at this point, or so we thought). It was nice for me and Daisy to get to spend some time together - aside from our trip to Paris last year, we've not had a chance to spend time just us two. We wandered into town to buy biscuits and came home and made tea to dip them into!

When we picked Evie up at lunchtime we went down to the Hen House in Haslemere for a spot of lunch and a play. 

It was on Monday night that the Pox Round Two began! Two days after our two week quarantine had ended. Typical.

TUESDAY was a VERY exciting day for us girls. My very lovely and very clever Dad came to our house to build us a new staircase as the old one was on the point of collapse. They are awesome! The girls were way more excited than a five year old and two year old should be, but when you've had broken stairs for a long time, beautiful new ones are bound to be a bit of a novelty. Of course the walls still need to be plastered and painted and the stairs carpeted but HEY! Task one complete (thanks, Daddy).

On WEDNESDAY I received some exciting mail..... my first Marley Spoon UK order! I've always wanted to try a recipe kit delivery service and this one from Marley Spoon was incredible! I'll be writing about it very soon. Wednesday was also the peak of Evie's poxiness. It was so horrible seeing her so distressed and fed up. I finally managed to get her to take some liquid piriton (mixed in with really strong squash to hide the taste) and just let her run around with no clothes on which seemed to cheer her up a lot!

THURSDAY was my boring day. I worked in the morning and pottered in the afternoon. Nothing exciting to report at all, except that I made my first Marley Spoon creation in the evening (and drank the best part of a bottle of red wine in the process which made it extra fun!)

On FRIDAY I drove to Wales for my Uncle's funeral. It goes without saying that it was a very sad day, but it was nice to see lots of my Welshie family. Why is it that it's often only occasions like these that bring families together? 

SATURDAY night was Movie Night and I introduced the girls to Labyrinth, which is one of my most favourite films of ALL TIME! I wasn't sure whether they'd like it but they absolutely, definitely did and I was so pleased! We stayed up really late (Evie had a power nap at 5pm to see her through!), ate far too many sweets and too much ice cream and pranced around the living room to 'Dance Magic Dance'. Daisy was convinced the movie was filmed in Haslemere as there is a boggy section in the meadow at the end of our road that I have always called 'The Bog of Eternal Stench'. She also thought the alleyway at the beginning of the film looked just like one we have running from the high street to church. I've been trying to think what building I can tell her is the goblin castle ever since ;) 

On SUNDAY we were finally OFFICIALLY out of quarantine, as the last of Evie's spots had scabbed over. I do not do 'staying at home' very well so took this as a good excuse to celebrate and we paid Dylan's Dairy Barn a visit for ice cream. 

This week I have been listening to.... Sia's album 1000 Forms of Fear. OH MY GOD! It's SO GOOD! Yes I know I am totally behind the times but we have had it on repeat all weekend. All three of us have been shouting out/singing along and dancing round the kitchen like lunatics. Burn the Pages is my favourite track. 


this cute dress I picked up in the TigerlillyQuinn sale last year. It didn't look right with tights so was hidden in the deepest, darkest depths of my wardrobe all winter. Now it's bare legs weather (YESSSSSSSSSS) it's back in rotation again. Hurray!

Reading.... My Marley Spoon recipes! Blog post coming soon.... they are soooo good!

Lusting after.... THIS ROB RYAN PRINT! Two hundred and sixty three English pounds though. I might have to rob a bank, or sell a kidney.

PS How cute is Mabel Meatball? 

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The Great Outdoors - Entertaining the Kids Outside

Photo Credit: Boo Face Photography

With the summer months setting in, it’s a brilliant time of year to get the kids out and about in the fresh air. Coming up with outdoor play activities can be tricky, but doesn’t have to be costly, and there are a hundred and one ways to keep the kids occupied in the garden whether you have lots of space or just a little. 
The perfect playhouse
When it comes to building a playhouse, you can either go for one of the many flat packed designs available to buy, or you can design one of your own. Pre bought playhouses are usually made from timber, making them easy to weather seal and paint, which means you can create the perfect pirate hideout or princess’s palace! They are a great place to store bikes and other small outdoor toys in the winter too. If you aren’t a dab hand at DIY, it’s easy to make your own using a clothing line and an old bed sheet. Drape the bed sheet over the rope or line, and weigh down the corners with large pebbles or stones. It costs nothing at all and it’s easy to dissemble if it rains. 
Bounce the day away
If you are going to buy toys for the garden to keep the kids entertained this summer, trampolines are fairly easy to assemble and due to a rise in popularity, you can buy one pretty cheaply from most toy shops. If you have smaller children, you may want to opt for one with a safety net around the outside, just in case they get over excited and bounce off! It’s also best to set them up in a grassy area, so if they do take a tumble, they will have a soft landing. It’s good fun and great exercise too; for Mums and Dads as well as little ones!
Build sandcastles in your own back garden
If you have a larger outdoor space, why not make your own sandpit in the back garden? Choose a space that it’s directly in the sun or under any trees, otherwise your sandpit will end up full of fallen leaves! Create a border for your pit using large stones or pieces of timber, line your area with gravel for drainage, and lay landscaping mat to prevent weeds from growing up into your sandpit. Now you are ready to fill it up with sand, grab your bucket and spade and let the fun begin! 

It’s a good idea to invest in a shed or storage unit to house all of your outdoor toys, when the evening creeps in and the kids have gone to bed. This way you can retain an adult space that is perfect for play during the day, and a great place to relax and enjoy a glass of wine or have friends over for a BBQ in the evening. Parents need down time too!

In association with The Toy Store

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Getting Excited about Camp Bestival!

As soon as the weather starts warming up (this lovely weather is entirely down to me, by the way - I bought a new coat from Boden which arrived the morning the sun first appeared and has gone straight to the back of the wardrobe awaiting AW15, grrrr) I start thinking about summer festivals and, in particular, CAMP BESTIVAL.

Camp Bestival is, without any doubt whatsoever, the highlight of my family's year; we LOVE it. We have been so honoured to work as official Camp Bestival Bloggers for the last two years and we will be returning to Lulworth Castle again this July for sure.

Brimming with brilliant music, THE TASTIEST FOOD (I'm talking about YOU Chapati Man), theatre, fairground attractions, the best kids' entertainment EVER, face painting, fancy dress and rum (never forget the rum!) it is honestly the best mini holiday you could ever go on as a family. 

The musical line-up so far is incredible, and we love all the outdoorsy pursuits we can take part in (the Dingly Dell and 50 Things Field were our favourite areas last year!) but one thing I'm really looking forward to visiting this year is their new Wellness retreat and spa; The Hideaway. Dedicated to finding a little slice of inner peace in the wonderful craziness that is Camp Bestival, The Hideaway has a carefully curated programme of treatments and classes to make you emerge feeling rested and radiant. Yoga, meditation, massages and bathing under the stars in wood fired hot tubs..... I'm in!

As always, Camp Bestival has a fancy dress theme, and this years was announced by the legend that is David Bellamy. Press play on the little video below to find out more....

If you're going please do let me know! I'd love to meet up with you!


Monday, 13 April 2015

Dear Diary #13

It's just a short diary entry from me this week. We spent the last seven days finishing up our fortnight's chickenpox quarantine for Evie - missing all the beautiful weather in the process! - and after all that she didn't even catch it! Bearing in mind my girls are forever sharing drinks, snacks, baths and clothes and are pretty much constantly wrestling cuddling, I am pretty amazed and already not looking forward to chickenpox round two whenever it decides to descend upon us.

The week started slowly, with Daisy still being spotty and infectious. We stayed at home with Mabel and watched films, we played games, we baked, we did crafty things. It was WEDNESDAY before D's last spot scabbed over and normality could resume, for her at least.

I worked on THURSDAY morning, and then had a rare afternoon to myself with nothing to do! I ended up going into Guildford to buy underwear. Do not judge, but it suddenly became apparent that I was still wearing the cheapo black granny pants I packed in my hospital bag when I was pregnant with Daisy six years ago. Oh my god! I was also still wearing an interesting collection of maternity/nursing/non-underwired/moth eaten t-shirt bras of a similar age, and I thought I ought to get my boobs measured and buy some more supportive (and pretty!) ones. I did wonder whether they might have shrunk after two babies but it turns out they haven't (PHEW!) and I came home with three matching underwear sets. MATCHING UNDERWEAR SETS! It's a shame no one is going to see them ;)

We spent FRIDAY out in the garden. It was such a beautiful day so we started tidying up and making plans for what to do with it in the Summer. Our garden is a bit peculiar in that we have a paved, walled patio, with brick stairs at the back leading up to our long, skinny lawn. It's not the safest for small kids and, in fact, this was the first time Evie has ever played out with Daisy. I plan to put a little picket fence up at the top of the stairs, and also have some rubbish to clear. I'd like to get some plants too. If we get cracking now I am hopeful it will be lovely and child-friendly before the summer holidays!

SATURDAY was my main working day this week; the girls were with their dad so I did a triple shift! On my lunch break I went to collect this gem of a picture from the framers (I may as well move in there I think, I've been back so many times recently - if you're in Surrey and are looking for a recommendation then get yourself down to The Haslemere Framing Co, round the back of the High Street. They are lovely and do a really super job). Anyhoo, it's called "How Does She Always Look So Pulled Together" and is by Ashley Goldberg (bought from Etsy - here). I love her illustrations and we were scrolling through them all when Daisy said this looked just like me and Mabel so we decided to get it!

On SUNDAY we were officially out of quarantine, so to celebrate we took to the road and spent the day on Knoll Beach in Dorset. If you don't know that area, it's a place you absolutely must visit. The beaches are all National Trust, so parking is free if you're a member (joining was one of the best things I ever did!!), and they all have lovely cafes and shops, well maintained toilets etc. We spent the day paddling in the sea and eating ice creams and building sandcastles.... basically what we had planned on spending the WHOLE EASTER HOLIDAYS DOING (bloody chickenpox.... I'm not bitter, honest).

This week I have been....

Wearing.... Yoga pants! A lot! Well with nothing to do and nowhere to go there's not much point getting dolled up. On my afternoon out, though, I busted out this Boden sale purchase from last year for the first time. It's not available anymore, however the jeans (from Next are - see here) and the T-bar flats are current season Boden (and can be found here).


Listening to.... 'Distant Past' by Everything Everything. We've heard this on the radio a million times this past week, and when we finally escaped the house and set off on a road trip it was the first song to play. We zoomed down the A3 with the windows open and it blasting out at full volume! Even Evie sang along!

Watching.... Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. OH MY GOD. I totally binge watched the whole season in TWO NIGHTS!! If you have Netflix you HAVE to check it out. Utterly brilliant.

What have you been up to this week?

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Monday, 6 April 2015

Dear Diary #12

Oh my goodness. What a week! It has been filled with pox, pox and more pox, and with the pox, of course, comes the dreaded QUARANTINE. That basically means we have been staying indoors, doing absolutely nothing and going just a teeny tiny bit stir crazy for the past seven days.

MONDAY saw the arrival of the pox. After a busy weekend we had decided to have a lazy day (something we don't do very often, especially in the holidays!). Daisy was feeling a bit under the weather so we spent the morning in our PJs and then ventured out to the local park with some friends in the afternoon. At bath time we noticed the first few spots!

The first thing I did on TUESDAY was to inspect the patient. Just as I thought, the few spots present at the previous night's bath time had quadrupled over night. The pox was most definitely upon us! We spent the day indoors, with me googling chicken pox symptoms and remedies and the girls watching The Goonies. My research told me that Daisy would continue to break out in spots for around five days, and she would remain infectious until the last one had scabbed over. Evie was also in quarantine for two weeks as chicken pox is contagious before the spots appear. Having poorly kids is where single parenting really comes into it's own.... Thankfully my lovely friend Claire dropped by with a very welcome delivery of medical supplies! 

The girls were supposed to be going to stay with their Dad on WEDNESDAY but the pox put a stop to that so instead we spent the day at home (again). I discovered THE BEST pox cream today, which I will continue to sing the praises of forever and ever and ever. POMMADE DIVINE. Its a 200 year old beauty balm (first mentioned by Marie Antoinette's grandmother in 1720!) that, over the centuries, has been used to treat burns, bites, dry skin, sunburn and now pox! It's cool and soothing and smells amazing - and contains benzoin (helps eliminate infection causing bacteria in the skin), liquidambar and cloves (both have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties) and cinnamon (which acts as a coagulant and aids the healing process). From a non-medicinal point of view, I've been on the look out for a decent night cream for ages and over the course of the last week have been applying this before bed. I swear I have noticed a difference already; my skin seems brighter and clearer - and I've been horrifically sleep deprived (more so than usual, ha!) so I would have expected my skin to be appalling.

Wednesday also saw the delivery of our beloved piano! Oh my goodness, the excitement in this house was ridiculous, despite the lurgies! Ever since the girls' arguments have been over who gets to play the piano, rather than the iPad which has been music to my little old fashioned ears, quite literally.

On THURSDAY I managed to escape to work. I don't think I have ever been more happy about working a double shift EVER! After two days at home I was pretty desperate to see other human beings and TALK TO PEOPLE! I'd had a terrible night with the girls the night before (Evie ended up falling asleep on the floor after a nightmare bedtime), but still managed to skip, hop and jump down the road with bags of energy!

FRIDAY was another nondescript day of pox and cbeebies. Daisy's appetite came back so I cooked up a big chicken curry packed full of veggies for us all in the evening, and cracked open a bottle of sauv blanc for myself.

SATURDAY was similar, and we really were starting to feel fed up now. The poor girls had both been indoors for five whole days! I tried to liven things up by getting out all the musical instruments (which just lead to a headache for me! Ha.) Daisy enjoyed playing my old flute and actually managed to get a pretty good sound out of it which impressed me! Totoro was on the TV so we watched that, although Evie kept getting REALLY annoyed at the ad breaks!

SUNDAY was Easter Day, and after an early start, an egg hunt and a breakfast of nothing but chocolate, we decided to spread our Easter cheer and chicken pox to the good people of Twickenham. Kidding! We broke the quarantine rules to drive to my parents house for the day and BOY was it good to get out! I pretty much spent the afternoon laying on the sofa and eating ridiculous amounts of roast lamb. The drive home was HARD WORK as I was still so full and just wanted to have a nap!

This week I have been:


My favourite Lotta clogs again. I think orange is my favourite colour at the moment, it just makes me feel so HAPPY! I have also been wearing a whole lot of Boden (see my Easter outfits post here!) and am in love with my bargain Eliza coat sale purchase!

listening to.... 
This cover of Kiss Me by Jason Walker.


I discovered it on Spotify when listening to acoustic playlists (I took them up on their offer of three months of Premium for 99p back in January and will TOTALLY carry on using it when the price goes up, it's just BRILLIANT). I love this version, its so melancholy and haunting.


The Goonies and Totoro! It does make me laugh the way we all get excited when a film we've watched a million times is on the TV. (Is that just us, or is everyone the same?) It's like we HAVE to watch it, like there might be an extra scene or something we've never seen before! That's what happened on Saturday with Totoro. We've seen it more times than I can count and have it on DVD but we were literally counting down the minutes til it started on Film 4. I also introduced Daisy to The Goonies this week. She loves ANYTHING that I watched/played with as a kid so she adored this film. (She is also obsessing over She Ra and Jem at the moment which I think is just brilliant). I love reminiscing about my childhood and having someone to talk about it to is so much fun!

What have you been up to this week?

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