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Monday, 6 April 2015

Dear Diary #12

Oh my goodness. What a week! It has been filled with pox, pox and more pox, and with the pox, of course, comes the dreaded QUARANTINE. That basically means we have been staying indoors, doing absolutely nothing and going just a teeny tiny bit stir crazy for the past seven days.

MONDAY saw the arrival of the pox. After a busy weekend we had decided to have a lazy day (something we don't do very often, especially in the holidays!). Daisy was feeling a bit under the weather so we spent the morning in our PJs and then ventured out to the local park with some friends in the afternoon. At bath time we noticed the first few spots!

The first thing I did on TUESDAY was to inspect the patient. Just as I thought, the few spots present at the previous night's bath time had quadrupled over night. The pox was most definitely upon us! We spent the day indoors, with me googling chicken pox symptoms and remedies and the girls watching The Goonies. My research told me that Daisy would continue to break out in spots for around five days, and she would remain infectious until the last one had scabbed over. Evie was also in quarantine for two weeks as chicken pox is contagious before the spots appear. Having poorly kids is where single parenting really comes into it's own.... Thankfully my lovely friend Claire dropped by with a very welcome delivery of medical supplies! 

The girls were supposed to be going to stay with their Dad on WEDNESDAY but the pox put a stop to that so instead we spent the day at home (again). I discovered THE BEST pox cream today, which I will continue to sing the praises of forever and ever and ever. POMMADE DIVINE. Its a 200 year old beauty balm (first mentioned by Marie Antoinette's grandmother in 1720!) that, over the centuries, has been used to treat burns, bites, dry skin, sunburn and now pox! It's cool and soothing and smells amazing - and contains benzoin (helps eliminate infection causing bacteria in the skin), liquidambar and cloves (both have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties) and cinnamon (which acts as a coagulant and aids the healing process). From a non-medicinal point of view, I've been on the look out for a decent night cream for ages and over the course of the last week have been applying this before bed. I swear I have noticed a difference already; my skin seems brighter and clearer - and I've been horrifically sleep deprived (more so than usual, ha!) so I would have expected my skin to be appalling.

Wednesday also saw the delivery of our beloved piano! Oh my goodness, the excitement in this house was ridiculous, despite the lurgies! Ever since the girls' arguments have been over who gets to play the piano, rather than the iPad which has been music to my little old fashioned ears, quite literally.

On THURSDAY I managed to escape to work. I don't think I have ever been more happy about working a double shift EVER! After two days at home I was pretty desperate to see other human beings and TALK TO PEOPLE! I'd had a terrible night with the girls the night before (Evie ended up falling asleep on the floor after a nightmare bedtime), but still managed to skip, hop and jump down the road with bags of energy!

FRIDAY was another nondescript day of pox and cbeebies. Daisy's appetite came back so I cooked up a big chicken curry packed full of veggies for us all in the evening, and cracked open a bottle of sauv blanc for myself.

SATURDAY was similar, and we really were starting to feel fed up now. The poor girls had both been indoors for five whole days! I tried to liven things up by getting out all the musical instruments (which just lead to a headache for me! Ha.) Daisy enjoyed playing my old flute and actually managed to get a pretty good sound out of it which impressed me! Totoro was on the TV so we watched that, although Evie kept getting REALLY annoyed at the ad breaks!

SUNDAY was Easter Day, and after an early start, an egg hunt and a breakfast of nothing but chocolate, we decided to spread our Easter cheer and chicken pox to the good people of Twickenham. Kidding! We broke the quarantine rules to drive to my parents house for the day and BOY was it good to get out! I pretty much spent the afternoon laying on the sofa and eating ridiculous amounts of roast lamb. The drive home was HARD WORK as I was still so full and just wanted to have a nap!

This week I have been:


My favourite Lotta clogs again. I think orange is my favourite colour at the moment, it just makes me feel so HAPPY! I have also been wearing a whole lot of Boden (see my Easter outfits post here!) and am in love with my bargain Eliza coat sale purchase!

listening to.... 
This cover of Kiss Me by Jason Walker.


I discovered it on Spotify when listening to acoustic playlists (I took them up on their offer of three months of Premium for 99p back in January and will TOTALLY carry on using it when the price goes up, it's just BRILLIANT). I love this version, its so melancholy and haunting.


The Goonies and Totoro! It does make me laugh the way we all get excited when a film we've watched a million times is on the TV. (Is that just us, or is everyone the same?) It's like we HAVE to watch it, like there might be an extra scene or something we've never seen before! That's what happened on Saturday with Totoro. We've seen it more times than I can count and have it on DVD but we were literally counting down the minutes til it started on Film 4. I also introduced Daisy to The Goonies this week. She loves ANYTHING that I watched/played with as a kid so she adored this film. (She is also obsessing over She Ra and Jem at the moment which I think is just brilliant). I love reminiscing about my childhood and having someone to talk about it to is so much fun!

What have you been up to this week?

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  1. I hope everyone gets over the Chicken Pox really quickly!! You've definitely had a great week despite of them!

  2. Oh no I'm dreading the bloody pox!! Wahh! Hope they go soon X

  3. I remember the POX well. My Thing 2 came down 17 days later. You've probably discovered that Oyster Bay cures everything. Good luck x

  4. Whenever you wear your Lotta clogs, feel compelled to paint your toenails - and wear a rose in your hair?


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