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Sunday, 24 May 2015

Dear Diary #16

So THIS is a long over due diary entry! I know I've been slacking recently but I've had a bit on my plate; something I'll talk about in the not too distant future. (NOT PREGNANT!)

The girls and I have also been off gallivanting in the US, as you've probably noticed from my Instagram spam ;) We were invited to Walt Disney World in Florida as part of their #WDWMagical First press trip, which was absolutely wonderful. Travelling long haul with two littlies was something that really terrified me before last week. The girls were both ANGELS - seriously - and now I am desperate to do it again and again! I want them to see and enjoy as much of the world as possible so we are already starting to plan some more adventures for the future.

So much has happened since my last diary entry....

The summer uniforms have come out!

I've stuffed my face with peanut butter chocolate!

I've turned into a proper redhead!

I've found my dream flat in East Twickenham (not that we are planning on moving, but if we did....)

I've been on a hen weekend to Bristol which included a day at Clifton Lido (AMAZING!), a knicker making workshop and me being the LAST WOMAN STANDING at 4am on the Saturday night! Oh yes!

Poor little Mabel Meatball has been neutered (no babies! Weep!)

I've been on a juicefest (totally essential after a week of indulgence in Florida)

The girls have been AWESOME, showering me with the cutest mummy gifts

We've had heaps of movie nights, watching old classics (Labyrinth and The Goonies) and new films too (The Boxtrolls and Into The Woods - with added fancy dress for the latter, boo yah!)


(bringing us up to date)

today we spent the day at the Haslemere Classic Car Show, which meant I got to spend bank holiday Sunday with my two favourite people along with sunshine, samosas, cars, ice cream and lots of vintage loveliness.

I'll be writing weekly again from now on, so long as life doesn't take over again. I really do enjoy writing these posts, and I love knowing I will be able to look back on them in weeks/months/years to come.xoxo

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  1. This is a fab post. Being a new reader of your blog I feel like I have caught up. Disney sounds amazing and we'll done to your girls for coping with the flight. Love the hair colour. Poor mabel for the best in the long run lol
    some lovely gift from your girls too.

  2. Disney sounds AMAZING!! I loved all of the photos on Instagram - how cool! I'd be terrified about the long haul flight with just B, so well done you!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xxx


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