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Monday, 4 May 2015

Luxurious White Bed Linen from The White Company & Vanish

Sinking into a beautifully made bed, with freshly laundered, crisp, white linen is the epitome of bedtime luxury for me (and for Mabel Meatball by the looks of it!).  And there is nothing quite like seeing beautiful white sheets pegged out on the washing line on a bright and blustery Spring day either *looks out of window angrily at menacing grey skies*

I've had white bed linen in the past but I've never quite managed to get it to maintain it's purity and so after a few months I've ended up using the sheets as spares, or even cutting them up for rags. Since the smalls have come along I've pretty much given up on white anything, that is, until I was asked to be part of the Vanish Blogger Club earlier this year.

Following on from our last challenge, Vanish sent us bloggers out a beautiful set of Savoy Bed Linen from The White Company, along with some more of their Vanish Gold, and set us the task of keeping our sheets pristine. 

Four weeks (and four washes) later and my sheets still look brand new. I've been adding Vanish Gold to ALL my white washes since February and will carry on doing so FOREVER..... I am so majorly impressed with its magical powers of turning greying old items back to bright white (especially school blouses and socks!) and keeping new things looking just perfect.

Thanks to Vanish for asking us to join in with this challenge - and for converting me to using Vanish Gold in the process. I wouldn't be without it now! xoxo


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