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Thursday, 18 June 2015

A Week of Walt Disney - Day 4

Our penultimate day at Walt Disney World was spent at Disney's Animal Kingdom Park.

It was a super hot day - PERFECT for the animal related antics we had in store!

We started off with the most decadent buffet breakfast I have ever seen, full of platters of fresh, exotic fruit, perfectly crispy streaky bacon, eggs cooked however you like and BREAKFAST QUESADILLAS! I've been on a mission to find a restaurant that serves these since I got back to the UK to no avail... suggestions and recommendations welcome!

Once we'd eaten we had a chance to explore the park before setting off on a Kilimanjaro Safari. We all got a bit excited to find a PhotoPass point next to an old Land Rover Defender - my Dad used to have one and one day I would love to have one too!

The kids also had lots of fun singing nursery rhymes with some of the park cast.

Then it was time to board our open-air safari vehicle and head into the 110-acre Harambe Wildlife Reserve. 

On our 18 minute expedition we saw elephant, giraffe, hippos, lions, zebra, black rhino, cheetah, crocodiles and flamingo (there are actually 34 different species of African wildlife roaming free) and our guide told us all sorts of interesting facts about them and their habitat.

Lunch was held at Yak & Yeti, a wonderful pan-Asian restaurant, decorated with souvenirs collected by the proprietor and his family on their travels through Southeast Asia. It served some seriously delicious dishes from regions across Asia and we were lucky enough to be given a tasting menu of various starters, and then I chose the crispy honey chicken as my main, while the girls had chicken tenders and vegetable lo-mein.

After lunch we went to the Tree of Life to watch the 3D film, Its Tough to be a Bug. With Flik from A Bug's Life as the narrator and a pair of 3D glasses, we had heaps of fun dodging flying quills from a tarantula, feeling the spray from a soldier termite and inhaling the putrid “defence stench” from a stink bug! I do love a story with a moral and this one teaches “it’s tough to be a bug” and also that insects are our friends. The girls loved it, and so did I.

We had some free time in the afternoon and after our brilliant day at Typhoon Lagoon we decided to spend it by the pool, back at our hotel. We'd been down to take a look at it before but not actually been in it and it. looked. incredible!

The kids enjoyed splashing about while I relaxed in the sun for a couple of hours before the evening's activities and right then and there we decided that we'd spend the whole of our last day (tomorrow - sob!) back by the pool.

That evening we made our way back to Hollywood Studios for a VIP viewing of Fantasmic (and another dessert party, oh my!). En route we paid the Pop Century resort a visit to do some Marvel superhero shopping and for a quick bite to eat. I had a Sloppy Joe and discovered RANCH SAUCE (my new addiction, although as seems to be the case with everything edible I fell in love with at Disney, I can't find stuff of the same quality back over here in the UK, grrr). 

Over at Hollywood Studios we were given our own personalised Mickey ears and braced ourselves for a night full of excitement with fireworks, pyrotechnics, laser lights and a million gallons of dancing water!

The Fantasmic show stars Mickey Mouse as the Sorcerer's Apprentice, the Evil Queen, Ursula, Cruella de Vil, Scar, Maleficent, Beauty, the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, Peter Pan, the Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Aladdin and the Lion King and is all about good overcoming evil.

People had already started gathering to get good seats when we arrived, which was a good hour before the show was due to start. You could really feel the excitement building as the countdown to the start was announced over the loudspeaker.

She show and the special effects were out of this world. We loved every minute of it. It really was the perfect way to spend our last evening in Florida.xo

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