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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

My Dream Bed

Sadly, this is not my bed. Image via here

Given that we supposedly spend a third of our lives in bed, you can hardly blame me for being a little bit obsessed with mine. That said, with two insomniac children, I spend much less time than that statistic in it. 

I didn't appreciate sleep at all until that pesky twosome* came along.

*I love them really.

Now it's like the Holy Grail. I start looking forward to bedtime a little after lunch and one day dream of getting eight hours sleep straight, or a lie in until 8.30am. 

Pre-motherhood I'd happily live off five hours of sleep a night, between late night drinking sessions and early mornings at the gym. These days five hours a night is no-where near enough, although that's still probably well above average for me to get in a night. I have replaced sleep with a caffetiere of coffee that is permanently on the go, and a slab of sugary cake at around 3pm every day.

But my lack of sleep just makes the hours I do get to spend in my boudoir all the more special. I've blogged about it before (and have still done nothing about it) but one day I fully intend to make my bedroom a beautiful, peaceful, girlie HAVEN.

The bed is the focal point of your bedroom and (obviously) the key to getting an amazing night's sleep but, in my opinion, the surroundings are equally important. In an ideal world, my bedroom would always be tidy and tranquil; with beautiful, practical and comfortable furniture.

At the moment, my bedroom is a bit of a dumping ground for the rest of the house, and it drives me mad. Piles of clothes go there en route to the correct drawers and wardrobes. (My wardrobe's overflow also hangs over the chair and on the end of my bed). Toys go there before they end up in the right toy box. Paperwork tends to stay in piles for filing for forever.

I have my ideas on how I'm going to do this. I think the key is in the storage. Everything needs to have a home.

I love love love my bedroom furniture. It was the first non-Ikea stuff I treated myself to when I bought my first home. It's quite a dark wood, very chunky and rustic looking. My bed is currently white wrought iron but desperately needs replacing as it squeaks whenever you sit down or roll over on it. It might make me sound very middle aged (I did turn 35 last week) but I would love a divan bed with a traditional metal headboard..... all that underbed storage to keep the clutter at bay is my idea of heaven! 

I also totally need some bedside lamps or twinkly lights - and mastering the art of using a drill is on my To Do List, so that I can put all my pictures up. (They are also currently contributing to the clutter, being stacked up in rows leaning up against the wall).

I might not be able to show you pictures of my own room for tranquil inspiration, but please do check out my My Dream Home board on Pinterest. I've been pinning quite a lot of bedroom interior design ideas recently.xoxo


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