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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

A Little Trip to Wales

Southerdown Bay

Last week the girls and I spent four days camping in South Wales. We go to Wales quite a lot - we have family there - but this trip was different. Life changing, almost.

It made me realise just how much I miss being creative. I used to paint landscapes and driftwood and pebbles and I'm not sure at what point I gave it all up but I felt so inspired at the weekend that I've decided to start up again. I really need to do something just for me.

I also remembered why I have always wanted to live by the sea. IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL! And wild! And invigorating! And at the same time, so peaceful! And PERFECT. It won't be for a few years yet, but I'm determined to make my dream reality at some point and settle somewhere overlooking a wild and blustery beach.

This trip we camped in a place called Southerndown and explored lots of places locally. If you've not been to Southerndown Bay before, it is BREATHTAKING. I definitely left my heart there on this trip. Since we've been back I've been on RightMove and I'm totally in love with this house. Anyone want to buy it for me?

Here are a few pictures from our holiday xoxo

Carry on Camping

We got the whole field to ourselves!

Kite flying

On the stepping stones at Ogmore Castle

Across the river at Candleston Castle in Merthyr Mawr

Tinkinswood Ancient Burial Chamber

Coffee Cove in Barry 

Walking along the prom on Barry Island

Crossing the causeway to Sully Island, Penarth at low tide


Rockpooling in Porthcawl

Exploring Dunraven Gardens in Southerndown

Southerndown Bay - I so want to live here!

Building sandcastles with our Welsh family at Southerndown Bay

Paddling at Southerndown


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  1. Great read! I'm going to Wales soon and this was definetly helpful


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