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Monday, 10 August 2015

Camp Bestival 2015

We were so excited to be asked back to review Camp Bestival for the third year running this Summer. Lucky Evie has been to every single one since she was born! We all love a good festival and Camp Bestival is definitely the highlight of the year for us.

This year was a pretty different experience for us girls. It was the first one where we went just us three, and also, due to stuff going on back at home, we weren't able to go for the whole weekend. But that was fine - we just had to make sure we made the most of the 30 hours we got to spend there!

We camped, as always, with our besties - Ruth from Rock & Roller Baby and Alice from Project:Wanderlust and their broods. Ruth was MY CAMP BESTIVAL HERO. Not only did she drive herself and her kids all the way down to Dorset from London just two weeks after passing her driving test.... she also pitched their tent all by herself AND let us rowdy lot crash in it on the Saturday night (thank you thank you thank you!!).

We arrived on Saturday JUST in time for Mr Tumble (and when I say 'just in time' I really mean it.... we had dumped our stuff off at camp and got to the Castle Stage with literally 40 seconds to spare). From the moment we got there we packed in as much as we could as we knew we would be heading back home the following day.

Our weekend went a little bit like this......

Beer on arrival....

... From this lovely bar

An Avocado Kiss from Happy Maki - my favourite food on Saturday

The Shires: Current FAVOURITE band, and the musical highlight of my weekend

Two tired kids that slept in til 8AM ON SUNDAY MORNING!! Truly a miracle ;)

Playing the piano

Spending time with friends 

Amazing poo-ing giraffe puppets (yes really!)

My favourite hang out of the weekend; great beer and great music

Sunday's foodie highlight: Anna-Mae's Mac & Cheese stall


Daisy & her boyfriend ;) (my handsome Godson)

Evie passed out on ice cream on our way back to the car before heading home

It goes without saying that we had an amazing time, but in hindsight I'm actually quite pleased that we were only there for the one night this time round. It was so unbelievably busy that it made it quite hard to get around the site, especially with our wagon (a family festival necessity) - and to find places to sit and watch the main acts on the Castle Stage was pretty much impossible (we were literally right by the jousting arena for the Kaiser Chiefs, which is a fair old distance away from the stage - and we had got there half an hour before they were due on as well which is usually ample time to nab a decent spot). Although we had a few pairs of eyes looking out for all the littlies in our group, I felt a little on edge that one of them might get lost in the crowds, both at night time and during the days.

But that would never stop us from going to Camp Bestival; we love it. And we are already looking forward to going back next year! (Early bird tickets for 2016 are on sale already! Go get yours here for the bargain price of £180 for a full weekend of camping, musical and culinary delights!)

And on that note I'm going to leave you with not one, but two awesome videos..... One by The Shires, the MUSICAL HIGHLIGHT of my Camp Bestival, and the other a CB vlog by the one and only Alice Langley! Enjoy xoxo


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