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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

In case you were wondering, yes it *IS* possible to be in love with a vacuum cleaner

My house is dusty. It's old, we have open chimneys and exposed brickwork, we live close to the railway line and we enter it by going straight into the front room, plus Mabel Meatball the moulting fur ball lives here - so I find myself cleaning all the floors pretty much ALL THE TIME. For those reasons I decided to cover the whole of the downstairs floors with either wood or tile - so that I could quickly and easily sweep up mess and mop up spillages - and I'd never even contemplated using a vacuum on them, opting instead for a good old fashioned broom and dustpan. We do have carpets upstairs though, and for the last two years I've had a Hetty the Hoover to clean it which I bought without any research whatsoever; the pink, smily face won me over.

Hetty, although cute, turned out to be a complete pain in the butt to use. She was heavy (too heavy to carry whilst hoovering the stairs), couldn't be pulled along on carpet without tipping over and, although small, was an odd shape and really hard to find a home for when she wasn't in use.

Although we were all very fond of her aesthetics, there is no denying she was a rubbish vacuum cleaner, and I desperately wanted to replace her with something more streamlined and efficient.

Enter: Vax (the hero of this story).

The lovely people at Vax approached me on the same day I found myself contemplating doubling up my Tesco clubcard vouchers to spend on a new upright (which pained me somewhat as every year I save up all my points to spend on chocolate and wine little luxuries at Christmas!). Needless to say, I was pretty darn chuffed; the timing could not have been more perfect! After looking at my needs we decided the Vax Air Steerable Pet model was probably best for me, and one was winging its way to me that very night.

I won't bore you with a full list of its features and specifications (you can read them yourself over on the Vax website), but I will tell you what I, personally, love so much about it. Because I really do love it. In fact I've come over all precious and Monica-from-Friends about it and have even found myself cleaning it every time I use it.

First off, it is seriously lightweight. Even when lifting it in its entirety up and down the stairs, its so much lighter than Hetty. When you're actually cleaning the stairs it has a lift out cylinder which means it is even lighter.

It is super easy to steer. It literally GLIDES across wooden floors and tiles as well as carpet (and has a special setting for hard floors).

I hate it when you buy a product that has loads of additional extras that you have to put somewhere safe and remember where they are. Vacuum cleaners are particularly bad at this; Hetty and her Panasonic predecessor both had dozens of extra nozzles and brushes that had to be stashed somewhere or thrown away. All the bits on the Vax (and there aren't many - because you don't need many!) have a home on the main body of the vacuum. Thumbs up!

Lastly, this is my first ever bag-less vacuum cleaner and IT IS REVOLUTIONARY! Seriously a joy to use - and empty. I have no idea why people still buy vacuums that need bags? What is the plus to it? A quick empty after every use takes no effort at all. Even if you don't do it that frequently you can see when it needs emptying no problem, instead of having to wait til it stops sucking anything up to cotton on to the fact the bag is full. Also, on the subject of sucking stuff up - in this hoover's case, should you accidentally vacuum up a piece of lego or a Shopkin (yep, I've managed both) then you can see the little critter whirring round in the cylinder and rescue it! Hurray!

The Vax Air Steerable Lift Pet is available from all good retailers, or direct from Vax here. It is currently on offer at just £179.99. We were sent ours for the purpose of this review. (And we really really genuinely love it.... if you hadn't guessed already) xoxo


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  1. My hoover came today, I have only used it a couple of times but am extremely impressed. My old hoover would not pick up the pet hairs on my rug, it took ages! Not this one, first go over, all hairs gone and the rug looked like new. It perked up the pile on my stair carpet, and the suction is so good it lifted the lino a little. Although it is an upright it is very light I was very surprised I expected it to be heavier. This hoover also manoeuvres really well its so much easier to steer round furniture than my cylinder hoover.


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