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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Me & Mine ♥ September 2015

I've wanted to join in with Me & Mine, the family portrait project, for ages. Although I'm pretty much constantly snapping pictures of the girls (and taking selfies!) we never have photos taken of us all together - ever! - as I discovered earlier this month whilst looking for one of the three of us for a magazine interview I took part in.

I ended up getting my brother to take this quick snap of us at the weekend and, although it's far from perfect, I love it. It captures our characters perfectly; Daisy is shy and quiet and a real Mummy's girl, Evie is really cheeky and LOVES playing up to the camera and I just hate having my photo taken, hence there not being many of us together in existence - and me not looking into the lens in this one!

But I love photographs. I love looking back on old photos of me and my family and remembering the circumstances in which they were taken. On special occasions, at special places. I want my daughters to be able to do the same, for them to evoke similar memories, so I'm determined to take regular ones of us three. Starting now. And to spur me on I'm going to join in with this little project every month. See you in October, fellow Me&Mine-ers xoxo

dear beautiful


  1. Photos are the way forward - I love capturing all the little random bits of life that may go forgotten otherwise

  2. Lovely family photograph Katy, looking forward to seeing more of you and your girls smiles from now on in the Me and Mine project xx

  3. Aww it's a gorgeous photo - and I love the bench!!


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