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Sunday, 18 October 2015

Walking to School with GO Outdoors + Hi Gear

October is International Walk to School month; a campaign set up by the charity Living Streets to educate primary school pupils from across the world about the benefits of walking to and from school every day.

In my day (haha, told you I'm old) EVERYBODY walked to school. According to statistics, 70% of primary-aged kids in the 80s did, although in my school I would have said it was closer to 100%; I honestly do not remember a single friend ever getting dropped off by their parents in a car. In those days we all lived within a few roads of each other - and our school - and we would all walk to school together. I'm not sure whether people have just got lazy these days, but now less than 46% of kids walk and I think that's pretty shocking.

We walk to and from school pretty much every day. The only time we'll jump in the car is if the weather is absolutely torrential, although a bit of rain/wind/snow doesn't bother us in the slightest. Aside from the obvious health benefits of a brisk stroll, it's a great way to wake up properly - all that fresh air! - and it's lovely to get to spend 20 minutes with the girls before heading off to work. On the way home it's more of a social thing. I hear all about their days, then we'll stop off at the park with friends and I'll chat to other parents while the kids play. It's a last chance for them to expel all their energy before dinner, bath and bedtime - and stopping off breaks up the journey, which always seems a little bit longer at the end of the day!

As part of this campaign, the lovely folk at GO Outdoors sent the girls an insulated and showerproof jacket each from Hi Gear - perfect for this fickle weather we're having right now.

They both chose the purple orchid colour way which is completely reversible, featuring a bright block purple on one side, and a fabulous owl print on the other. They're lightweight, but very soft and warm, have been given a durable water repellent treatment and have reflective details for safety. They also pack away into their own bag for easy storage!

These coats retail at just £25 each, with adult versions for sale too at £65 (I have this black one on order, although sadly it doesn't have the reversible owl pattern!) and they are available from the GO Outdoors website here.


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  1. Tjose coats are super cute and reversable - win win x


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