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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Why we love Mabel Meatball (and WIN £50 Argos Vouchers!)

I'm a firm believer that a house is not a home without a cat. I don't feel that way because I was brought up with cats throughout my childhood - that wasn't the case (my mum is allergic to them so we were only allowed pet hamsters, of which there were many over the years!). I moved into a flat share after uni and gained my first cat in the process, and my home has not been without one since.

I really do think it's lovely for children to grow up with animals. They make great companions and its brilliant for them to be able to learn how to care for their furry friends from a young age.

Mabel is quite honestly the nicest cat I have ever come across in my life. Some cats can be moody, and like to give you the impression that you are just there to pander to their every need. Mabel is not one of these cats. She has the best temperament and is perfectly happy playing 'baby' to Evie's 'mummy' and cuddling up to Daisy in bed every night. There is nothing quite like coming home from a hard day at work or school and seeing her in the window of our cottage, waiting for us. She comes to the front door like a puppy and really makes it known that she has missed us (unlike our old cat Poggio who would ignore you for hours/days depending on how long you were gone).

Another character trait of Mabel's that never ceases to amaze us is her appetite - the size of it, along with her penchant for pretty much every kind of human food. Poggio was a cat food snob and used to cost us a fortune in miniature tins of Sheba tuna. Mabel would eat four pouches of wet food a day (and some dry) if we let her, and because we don't she has been known to eat leftover chicken madras, weetabix, pasta, roast potatoes, birthday cake etc etc. She has also mastered the art of getting into our Brabantia bin, so we now have to leave a heavy book on top of it! She encourages the girls to get the biscuits out of the cat food cupboard with pitiful miaows, which the girls claim mean she is hungry - even if I only fed her half an hour before. Cheeky!

There is nothing quite as special (ahem) as being on the receiving end of a loving present from your fur baby. I have been lucky enough to receive baby bluetits, mice and giant-freaking-slugs, to name but a few. I like to think that the more repulsive the gift, the more your cat loves you. I have had a lot of slugs dropped at my feet, and also personally delivered to me in bed. Yes really.

Despite the slugs, we wouldn't be without our Mabel Meatball. She is a slightly chubby, very fluffy, beautiful blue eyed bugger and we love her very much 

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  1. Thank you to Mabel for the inspiration for such a 'warm feeling' article. Sadly I lost my elderly cat in the summer and one of the things I miss most is her waiting on the doorstep or on a window sill for me to come home. I still pull into the drive and look for her.


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