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Monday, 30 November 2015

Christmas Cocktails with

One of my favourite things about Christmas is the festive food and drink. I especially enjoy a cocktail or two at this time of year (ach, who am I kidding, I enjoy a cocktail or two at any time of year). It seems really decadent to drink something sweet and refreshing out of a fancy glass with a fruity garnish - it beats a boring bottle of beer hands down.

Last week the lovely chaps at sent me over a bottle of my favourite sloe gin (beautifully gift wrapped, I hasten to add) which meant I got to practise mixing a few drinks ahead of party season! are an online company that stock a huge range of drinks and barware. They also offer next day delivery, gift packs and limited edition bottles - so they're a pretty handy website to bookmark if you're planning a little knees up or looking for a special gift.

I decided to make three drinks; a short neat sloe gin, with a slice of orange and sugar rim, a long drink of sloe gin, elderflower cordial and tonic water and a fancy pants sloe gin topped up with prosecco (Dover31 sell ALL the obscure and hard to find liqueurs, syrups and mixters if you're looking for something particular, including Jack Rudy products from the US which I LOVE!)

For the gin + orange, chill a champagne saucer and coat the rim of the glass in sugar (wet the glass first, then dip in a saucer of the sweet stuff). Pour sloe gin over a slice of orange and ENJOY!

Sloe gin, elderflower cordial and tonic water is my most FAAAAVOURITE drink in the whole world. One part gin, to three tonic and a dash of cordial to taste in a jam jar. Add a wedge of lime and a straw and drink with ice.

Last of all, and a guaranteed way to make you feel extra festive is to top up a measure of your favourite sloe gin with prosecco. Delicious but lethal! Merry Christmas everyone! xoxo

And here, just for you, is an exclusive 10% discount code for your festive drinks order from - just add 31DKATY at the checkout. Valid until 7th December 2015.


  1. These all look - and sound - and I bet they TASTE amazing! I would love to give them a go :)

  2. I love making sloe gin and Lydia loves collecting the berries, I adore Christmas cocktails love this hot toddy, heat apple juice, captain Morgan's spiced rum and a cinnamon stick in a saucepan, just lovely

  3. Right! Off to make some of my cocktails look like your cocktails! ;-)


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