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Sunday, 8 November 2015

Daily Outfit ♥ Because Sometimes You Just Want to wear Joggers

Now let's just set the record straight before this post begins. I'm NOT condoning heading down to Tescos in your pyjamas. There's a time and a place people! But sometimes the weather, or your mood, or whatever it is that you're up to requires LOUNGEWEAR, and loungewear (not pyjamas) is perfectly OK to wear out of the house!

Let's continue ;)

My current favourite item of clothing is this pair of bright red joggers from Baukjen. Not only are they made of the softest jersey EVER, their colour makes me feel HAPPY! Nothing beats a bit of colour when you're feeling tired, or poorly, or blue.

I love these pants because they're relaxed, but not baggy - so comfy but still flattering. Tapered ankles - check (no draughts!), elasticated waistband - check (go eat snacks! Or an all you can eat Indian buffet!) They also come in a charcoal grey if you prefer something a little more neutral and there are sweatshirts available in the same two colours too (I totally have the matching red one and the large scoop neck makes it looks awesome layered on top of a contrasting tee or vest).

Today I am wearing this:

Breton t-shirt, £12 (current sale) - Fat Face
Denim jacket, £28 (current sale) - Fat Face
Checked wool scarf, £80 - Second Woman
Holbeck Jogger Pants, £59 - c/o Baukjen
Adidas Top Tens, £36* - Zalando

* bargain of the YEAR! I ordered these from the boys department of Zalando last week and was convinced they'd arrive in a toddler size 6! This is pretty much half the price of the full grown adults version which, I hasten to add, are identical in every single way! If you're after Top Tens and are a size 6 or smaller then buy, buy, BUY!

Headless/blurred photography courtesy of Daisy - who, naturally, managed to get the best selfie EVER!



  1. I love loungewear but don't often wear it out of the house. Loving the stripes and denim too! x

  2. Hot red mamma with Top Ten awesomeness.xxxx

  3. Had to stop at the first article on your blog.....I absolutely LOVE my lounge clothes, soft, comfortable and I instantly go "ahhhhhhhh" when I put them on because it means I can relax and don't have to go out again that day lol


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