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Monday, 9 November 2015

Five Favourites ♥ Wonderful Wellies

By all accounts tomorrow hails the start of forty days and forty nights of rain. Ok, ok, that's a bit of an exaggeration and I'm fairly certain/hopeful it won't last that long - but it's going to be for the rest of the week at least and will no doubt feel like forty days by the end of it!

Rain actually doesn't bother me at all so long as I'm prepared for it. When we get into unpredictable weather season (which, lets face it, is about 75% of the year here in Great Britain) I like to be fully equipped with a waterproof coat and wellies at all times. For the last two years, November through to January were the wettest EVER, so just in case we have a repeat this year I've been researching the internet to find the prettiest wellies around. These are my five favourites:

1. Navy Ditsy Joules Wellies, £40 - Shoetique // 2. Stripy Wellies, £40 - Fat Face // 3. Keel Wellies, £39.95 - Seasalt // 4. Evercreatures Cedar Wellingtons, £38 - Funky Wellington Boots // 5. Hunter Original Wellies, £90 - Hunter 


  1. Have to say, I had Hunter wellies and they were awful! Just so badly made. I much prefer my ones from Joules although I'm not wild keen on the patterns... I just have plain green x

    1. Really? My Hunters are almost ten years old and still going strong! I love them! Joules wellies are gorgeous. I know what you mean about some prints but I love florals and stripes! X

  2. I wish more Wellies would fit my wide calves, so I have to revert to short wellies, I have fun though picking my children's wellyboots though as they get older they like to chose them themselves.
    A great choice and variety of wellies you have chosen.
    Sadie from Tiaras and Wellyboots

    1. I have always found the Joules wellies wider! The short ones are so handy and easy to put on when you're just nipping out for a short amount of time though! And much better in the Spring/Summer too when its milder x


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