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Monday, 16 November 2015

Learning to Ride a Bike

Both the girls had their birthdays a couple of weeks ago. They are born three-years-less-one-day apart, which means they egg each other on and the excitement starts building months and months in advance. Of course birthdays are a Big Deal whenever they are in the year but in this house, having two in two days makes the whole shebang a Really Really Big Deal.

This year the girls both asked for bikes as their presents. I feel so bad saying this but despite being about to turn six, Daisy hadn't had a bike before. Mean Mum or what?! The truth is, I don't own a bike myself and I haven't ridden one in YEARS so I had no idea whatsoever what to look out for when buying a bike for a child. They're expensive things and I didn't want to get it wrong so I kept putting it off!

They joined forces and ganged up on me this year so I bit the bullet and started doing my research. At this point I didn't even know where to BUY bikes from. After gossiping with the mums at the school gate it turns out Halfords is The Place To Go. So to Halfords I went.

I initially popped into my local store just to ask for general advice and to look at prices, but the staff were awesome from the word go so I knew straight away that I'd go back there to make my purchases when the time came. Not only did they make some brilliant recommendations, they also offered some great tips for helping to teach Daisy to ride a bike without stabilisers (turns out the vast majority of bikes suitable for tall six year olds don't come with stabilisers - although you can buy universal ones if necessary).

A few weeks later I ended up ordering both bikes online, for in store collection. I chose the Apollo Cherry Lane for Daisy as her favourite colour is purple and she really wanted a basket on the front, and I chose the Apollo Cupcake for Evie (a doll's seat on the back was top priority for her!) You can also buy these as separate accessories if you pick a bike that doesn't come with them. Halfords have a seriously impressive range of both bikes and accessories on offer.

Halfords offer a free bike building service which is BRILLIANT and if you take your kiddos to the shop with you (I didn't) then they can make sure the seat is the right height for them. (In my case they showed me how to adjust the seat which was really helpful). They also sold giant 'gift bags' that you can use to cover the bike instead of wrapping paper, and they were lots of fun to rip off on the girls' birthdays!

So once the bikes were unwrapped (and the wretched rain had stopped!) it was time to take them out for their maiden voyages. Evie took to her bike with stabilisers straight away which was brilliant. It took Daisy three hours to master cycling without them - and for her first ever go on a bike I think that was seriously impressive!

Looks like I'm going to have to buy a bike myself now. Perhaps Father Christmas will bring me one!

If you're looking at buying your children bikes for Christmas then a visit to Halfords is a must. Not only do they offer the free bike build and six month check, they are also offering free storage until Christmas so you don't have to hide them under a sheet in your bedroom like I did for a week ;)

Also, I CAN'T STOP WATCHING THIS ADVERT! The little girl in it reminds me of Evie. Need to get Mabel into Daisy's basket ASAP. Keep your peepers on Instagram, just in case I manage to make it happen!

I've already mentioned that Halfords have launched their festive #NothingBeatsABike competition.... to enter all you need to do is get your child to draw the bike of their dreams and upload it. This week they are giving away an Apollo Cupcake, just like Evie's!

We were very kindly given Daisy's Apollo Cherry Lane and accessory bundle by Halfords, but I bought the Apollo Cupcake and matching accessory bundle for Evie myself.  As is always the case, this blog post is entirely honest and all words are my own.


  1. I love that cupcake bike - it's so cute!! We're struggling getting Melody to learn, her balance isn't very good!!

  2. Suc awesome pictures! Love that one of you all together. We stil haven't managed the art of bike riding. Well, I have obviously but F not so much! Well done Daisy, I think we need to be a bit more helpful and stay out longer than half an hour! x

  3. Looks like you all had fun, Halfords are really helpful arent they x

  4. I taught my step daughter to ride her bike and it was so rewarding!


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