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Thursday, 12 November 2015

Marley Spoon Family Recipe Boxes: A Review

Last month I mentioned how Marley Spoon were launching a new family friendly recipe box. Well I'm de-light-ed to report that they are now available to buy and even MORE de-light-ed to report that I've been lucky enough to give them a whirl. And they are GOOD!

The idea behind the Marley Spoon recipe delivery service is to provide it's customers with everything they need to create fast, easy and healthy meals - and now they've gone one step further catering (quite literally!) for all the family.

Each week there are five brand spanking new, delicious recipes to choose from, starting at just £4.35 a portion. It's a great way to ensure your family are eating well and also to encourage littlies to try new things.

We were sent the ingredients to create two dishes (you can select two, three or four meals a week); pork and sticky apple with creamed spinach and mash, and baked meatballs with tomato sauce and orzo. As with the last box we reviewed (and the subsequent boxes we have paid for!) the ingredients were wonderfully fresh and, as they were already measured out exactly, the meals took no time at all to prepare - which is great news when you're a busy mum with hungry mouths that want to be fed quickly after school.

This was the first time I've ever cooked orzo (we all LOVED it!) and also the first time I'd added creme fraiche to mashed potato (an excellent addition to milk and butter). Both meals took less than half an hour to prepare and cook too; I'll definitely be hanging onto these recipe cards and recreating them again in the future!

Thanks to Marley Spoon for asking us to trial their new family boxes. They get a great big thumbs up from us!

Fancy photos by Alex Freundorfer


  1. I've tried other recipe boxes before but never Marley Spoon, off to take a look at their website! x

  2. Gosh this looks amazing and perfect for me. I never know what to cook and cooking for one really insn't that inspiring! :-) x

  3. these sound like a great idea to expand your range of meals, and gets children trying different things too - just reminded me I have some orzo in the cupboard that I haven't tried yet!


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