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Monday, 30 November 2015

Me & Mine ♥ November

This month's Me&Mine photo is a selfie taken in the car on Christmas Tree Day.

We usually put our tree up on 1st December but that falls on a school day this year so we decided to bring it forward rather than have to wait a few days until the weekend ;)

Yesterday we headed out to pick The One. The girls did a supermarket sweep style whizz round B&Q throwing as many ornaments and all the lights they could find into our trolley. It was brilliant to watch, especially seeing as they were dressed in interesting combinations of woolly bobble hats, party dresses, princess capes, glittery high heels and fair isle leg warmers. We only just managed to fit everything into our teeny tiny car and trying to wedge everything into the space in the front passenger seat and inbetween the girls made us laugh a LOT.

We spent the journey home listening to Christmas songs and singing really badly and really loudly, before bringing our shopping haul in and spending the next few hours decorating the house. (More on that in another post!).

I love days like this and can't wait for Christmas.xoxo


  1. Lovely photo! Awe, Christmas Tree day! Fab!

  2. I love that you took a photo documenting what sounds like an amazing day! I am so excited for Christmas and have started listening to Christmas music also.

  3. You three are just too gorgeous! :-)


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