Tuesday, 10 November 2015


The girls and I love animals. We may only have Mabel at home at the moment but we are planning on extending our animal family quite considerably over the next couple of years, starting off by getting hens in the spring (we MISS our old London hens SO MUCH!).

This Autumn, the RSPCA have teamed up with MORE TH>N Insurance to provide UK pet owners with pet insurance with a difference. Not only do they have a range of policies on offer to suit everyone's needs and budgets; MORE TH>N will also donate a whole £20 to the RSPCA every time a policy is taken out.

We have been asked to help raise awareness of this brilliant partnership by sharing one of Mabel's #PetHates with you!

Ah Mabel Meatball..... the cat that thinks she's a dog/fox/human, that runs to the front door whenever anyone knocks on it, has mastered the art of getting into the food recycling bin and regularly does so to eat its contents in their entirety, and she who likes to hog the sofa, lying on her back and watching TV.

She makes us all laugh a lot. She has the loveliest nature. She is SO tolerant of the girls and has been ever since they were tiny. They dress her up, they pretend she's a baby, they pick her up and carry her from room to room - and she couldn't care less! I actually think she enjoys the attention, as she makes no attempt to escape, even when they put her down! She is very much a lap cat and loves nothing more than having a tummy rub or a head scratch, and she goes to bed with Daisy and sleeps under her duvet with her every night. All in all I like to think that she is happy living with us at the cottage.

I'm pretty certain that her pet hate is me, and the way I am constantly trying to stop her from snacking. This cat likes to eat. More specifically THIS CAT LIKES TO EAT CUPCAKES! And weetabix. And pizza. And curry. And Yorkshire puddings! (especially Yorkshire puddings!) She gets a stern telling off if she is caught jumping up onto the kitchen work surface or table but she will stop at nothing to get to any tasty scraps of food lying around.

As well as raiding the bin and stealing from our plates, Mabel has also worked out to persuade her littlest owner to get her pouches of food and treats from the cat food cupboard. It involves lots of rubbing up against her legs and miaowing and Evie loves the attention. As a result, there is no denying that this little moggie is getting fat!

I have a little spot in the kitchen where I like to perch to drink my tea, or nibble on toast in the mornings - and it just so happens to be next to the cat food cupboard. If I'm stood there, even if she's just had her breakfast, Mabel will miaow like a mad thing for more food. If I dare to tell her no, she'll jump up on the surface and nip me when my back is turned. She is one determined cat, that's for sure.

In other animal related news, Evie wants a dog. Really really badly. So I got her a Tickle Tum Tilly from Animagic for her birthday. As you do!

I had to mention it in this blog post as it has been her absolute favourite birthday present - and its so much easier to look after than a real dog ;) If any of you are looking for something to buy a three year old, this definitely has the Modern Mummy seal of approval.

I always wanted one of those barking, somersaulting dogs as a child (never got one though, THANKS Mum and Dad!) and this is kind of like the 2015 version. If you tickle her belly she wiggles her legs, or if you put her on her tummy she wags her tail and barks. It's not even remotely lifelike but IS very cute - and Evie has dragged the poor thing around on a lead constantly for the last week! xoxo


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  1. I totally had one of those dogs and it used to just go off in the middle of the night with it's shining eyes staring at me - believe me, you didn't miss out lady! ;-)


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