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Monday, 9 November 2015

Two Daughters, Two Days, Two Birthdays

Last week was our busiest one of the year. It was BIRTHDAY WEEK.

Yep, old clever clogs here somehow managed to have two daughters born (three years less) one day apart - which means circa 96 hours of complete.and.utter.carnage.

Evie's birthday comes first, which Daisy can't get her head around seeing as she's the oldest. I can remember being in labour with Evie thinking FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE COME OUT BEFORE MIDNIGHT OR YOU + DAISY WILL HAVE TO SHARE A BIRTHDAY + I KNOW NEITHER OF YOU WILL EVER FORGIVE ME! Turns out even having birthdays a day apart is still pretty annoying when you're three and six. To make up for it, I've always given Daisy a little present to open on Evie's birthday and vice versa which means they both have a double birthday really, and that can't be all bad!

I've always said that I will make my kiddos birthday cakes every year which, save for Daisy's 3rd one, when I was still in hospital with a 12 hour old Evie, I have managed to do so far. I am NOT a baker and for the last two years this has caused considerable stress, and has involved LOTS of wine, LOTS of swearing and two very late nights on the trot. This year Daisy had a full blown birthday party a week before her actual birthday and I did the home made cake for that (and she had a traditional shop bought caterpillar cake on her birthday) so I had a bit of a reprieve in-between baking the two.

So yes, Daisy had a joint birthday party with one of her friends from school. They had a disco at the church hall with lots of balloons and bunting and party games and a picnic tea which was exactly like the parties I had as a kid (only with less Bros and Madonna and more One Direction and Taylor Swift). She had requested a Rainbow Magic cake, so I baked six tiers of different colour sponges, smothered them all in buttercream and sprinkles and decorated it with a topper of Belle the Birthday Fairy.*

*Sounds and looks much more complicated than it was. Boring vanilla sponge, shop bought buttercream and my friend made the cake topper ;) It did take 5.5 hours to do though, hence all the swear words.

Fast forward a week and it was time to do it all over again for Evie's birthday. My poor second child got a poor second child quality cake. She had asked for a 'purple heart' cake so I made a red velvet sponge (Betty Crocker mix of course) smothered it in buttercream again (this time shop bought stuff mixed up with purple food colouring) and decorated it in purple and silver balls! Because she didn't have an actual party, we headed out for birthday sushi after school. We ate LOTS and then had her birthday cake there!

Both girls got bikes for their birthday (more on these to follow in a separate post). I'm embarrassed to say this was Daisy's first bike and I had been putting off getting one as I had no idea what to look for/how much to spend. In the end I bought them from Halfords and I was SO impressed with the service and knowledge from the staff in there. If you're considering buying a bike for your kids for Christmas I would definitely recommend them.

Which brings me nicely onto this little comp I've seen online. If you're feeling creative (and lucky!) Halfords are giving away six bikes over the next six weeks in a pre-Christmas competition. All your child has to do to enter is to submit a drawing of his or her dream bike and upload it to the Halfords website here.

This is not a collaborative post, just me sharing a comp I've seen online!



  1. Oh wow, what a whirlwind week for you all! My kids have also just turned 3 and 6, though their birthdays are a month apart, so it's a little easier to manage! Looks like they had a fab time, brilliant happy photos.

  2. Aww! It looks and sounds like they had great birthdays! The cakes look fab! Well done you! x

  3. Looks like a fun day - love the colourful decoration! I'm a big fan of the purple bike :)

    Nicole | Song of Jewellery

  4. Looks like a good old fashioned 80's birthday party! Did you do Oranges and Lemons! ;-) x

  5. they are so cute, looks like a great party


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