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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Born to be Wild

If you buy one book this springtime, make it this one!

We're an outdoorsy family. Any free time we have is spent at the park, the beach, in the woods, even in the city. We like to get outside to explore and stretch our legs and aren't put off by bad weather or lack of funds.

We're always on the look out for things to do; although the girls do have screen time I'm actually quite anti TV and iPads. I often think back to my own childhood and all the fun I had without them and I want my children to be able to do the same, rather than reminiscing about the time they spent watching YouTube and playing Minecraft (both of which I'm totally guilty of letting them do, just not for seven hours a day, like the average American child). A few other statistics to get you thinking are:

- According to a 2008 National Trust survey, a third of British children could not identify a magpie
- A survey by Play England proved that children actually prefer to play outdoors rather than indoors, with 88% of children picking the beach or river as their favourite place to be
- 80% of the UK'S happiest people say they have a strong connection with nature

With those figures in the forefront of your mind, let me introduce you to Born to be Wild by Hattie Garlick!

As well as being quite possibly one of the most beautiful books I've ever seen (the layout of the pages and the photographs are completely wonderful and really inspiring), it's the perfect book to buy ahead of the six week summer holidays as it contains over 250 free, nature inspired activities. All you need is a few household items (like scissors), bit of outside space and a whole lot of imagination.... then you're free to have fun racing woodlice (Evie is going to LOVE doing this, HA!) making shell wind chimes (that's one for Daisy) and making dandelion crowns (I quite fancy doing this myself!).

The book is split up into seasons, so there are things to do all year round and, as well as being packed full of crafty ideas, there are also treasure hunts, games and scientific experiments to enjoy (and so much more!)

Another thing I really like about this book is its Ten Commandments for looking after nature. Although it's meant for the grown up reading the book, the girls and I actually read it together and talked about it afterwards. It's all common sense to us adults, of course, but food for thought when you're three and six.

PS: MEGA girl crush on Hattie Garlick who had me laughing out loud while I read her introduction!

I was sent a copy of Born to be Wild in exchange for an honest review. You can buy a copy direct from the RSPB for £16.99 (and it's also available in all good book shops) and I totally recommend that you do. It will honestly be the best £16.99 you ever spend when you take into account the amount of fun you're going to have once you've read it!


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