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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Remodelling Kids' Bedrooms

So - your kids are getting older and suddenly they decide they want a more grown up bedroom.... They begin to constantly moan at you about the room that they have been happy in for so many years. You are getting tired of hearing: “I hate pink/blue/yellow!”; “Peppa Pig is for babies”; “What made you think I would ever want the alphabet on my bedroom wall…?” 

Sound familiar? Then it's probably time to decorate the space where a child once played with dolls and toy cars, and turn it into a space where a young adult can instead hang out with friends and listen to music. 

What you need to do now is design a room that will see them through their teenage years, because tastes are likely to change, and you may not be in a position to throw everything out and re-decorate on a regular basis. 

Here are a few ideas on how to remodel your child’s bedroom as they turn into a teenager: 

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Colour scheme: 
When choosing a colour scheme it is best to keep it neutral so that you don’t paint the room black only for them to decide, 'that is so last week', before the paint is even dry! There are many ways they can then add the colour of their choice to the room, which can then easily be changed as and when they wish. 

This could be via the bedding, extra pillows, rugs, lampshades, and so on. For the wall think framed posters, prints and perhaps even a hanging wall tapestry or stencil to give the room some character. You might also want to hang a large corkboard so they can stick up photos of them and their friends, concert tickets and other mementos.     

Keep what you can: 
You don’t have to throw out all the furniture – keep what you can and either paint it to fit in with their new grown-up colour scheme, or repurpose it to make it something completely new and unique that they are excited to show off to their friends.  

So what do you do with their toys? Obviously they have to go – they say they don’t want them anymore and you can’t have a grown up room that is full of teddy bears and kids toys. But what if you throw them out and they regret it a week later? 

That is why you might want to put it all in to storage, like this example in Heathrow, instead of throwing it away or selling it all. That way you can get it back if you need to! This is also a perfect place to keep the furniture if you are deciding what to do with it.

The majority of teenagers will have incredibly messy rooms; unmade beds, so many clothes on the floor you can’t see the carpet, a wardrobe bursting open with everything but clothes. So you need to ensure that there is plenty of storage - give as much as you can a ‘home,’ which will make it easier to keep it tidy. 

The bed: 
When it comes to buying them a new bed you may want to invest in a double, so you don’t have to buy another one in a few years' time when they outgrow a single. You might want to ensure this also has plenty of storage space – an ottoman that opens up, or one with room underneath for boxes. 

You could also consider a bunk bed, where the bottom half, rather than a second bed, provides a desk and/or seating area – which are both vital for a teenager who needs to complete homework and hang out with friends. 


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