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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Today I went Food Shopping + Other Exciting Stories

Today I was child free, so I did the weekly supermarket shop (as you do). I'm a bit of a weirdo really; I actually genuinely enjoy wandering around the aisles buying bits and pieces for the house and picking out the ingredients for our week's meals.

I'm really anti food waste so am quite good when it comes to planning ahead (I always stock take, meal plan and make a list before I head to the shops) but I'm also a complete sucker for a bargain and always end up buying more than I planned to. Bearing in mind it's only the three of us at home (plus Mabel the cat) we spend a silly amount every week... I'm talking £80 on the big shop plus an additional £20 top up a few days later. I'd really like to reduce that if I can.

According to research from the Money Advice Service, on average, supermarket offers encourage us to spend 21% more than we intend to. I'm enticed in by multi-buys and BOGOFs every single week - they may seem like a bargain but if they aren't needed or aren't going to get used/eaten there's really little point in buying them! Other factors that make us spend more on the weekly shop are being unprepared, having a rumbly tummy and shopping with kids in tow.

Budget, plan, shop around, switch to supermarket own brands, use coupons and be smart when it comes to special offers and you can reduce your expenses dramatically. Just having a shopping list can save you up to £200 a year!

For more brilliant tips on shopping smarter and saving money, take a look at the infographic below or visit the Money Advice Service website.


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