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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Five Favourites: Top Picks For a Mums' Night Out

It might not happen very often but I challenge you to find me a mum that doesn't long for a night out with the girls every once in a while. Whether we’re grabbing a bite to eat, visiting the cinema or dancing the night away, us mums love letting our hair down whenever we get the chance. And, as all women know, half the fun of a night out is in the preparation… which is why I've put together my five favourite top picks for your mums' night out!

1. Classic jeans
A great outfit starts with a great base, so reach into your wardrobe and select your beloved black skinny jeans. Superdry have a great range of black jeans, and plenty of other styles if you prefer something lighter, more distressed or even flared. The key thing is that your jeans should feel comfortable enough to wear when climbing in and out of taxis, make you feel gorgeous when you’re walking through a crowded room, and have a generous enough pocket to stash your spare change and house key! Better yet, comfy jeans will serve you well the next morning when you’re nursing your tender head. Where’s the coffee?

2. Statement shoes
To lengthen your legs and add a touch of glamour to an otherwise casual outfit, why not slip your feet into a pair of bright stilettos? They’ll add a pop of colour and brighten up your overall look. Or, make your ensemble that bit sassier with a pair of leopard print caged heels. However, if extra inches are stretching your already tall stature to vertigo-inducing territory, flat shoes will work just as well: we like these options suggested by Cosmopolitan.

3. An eye catching top
Want to stand out in a dimly lit room and add some glamour to your Instagram feed? A sequined, jewelled or embellished number is the answer! We’d opt for something extra shimmery with some movement, such as a fringed crop top. Something so glitzy and detailed will look great with your neutral, classic bottom half. I like this one from Boden.

4. A leather jacket
Every woman needs a leather jacket (and how nice is this one from River Island!) – whether you’re wearing it on the tube, nipping to the supermarket or squishing down those butterflies on your way to a date, it’s the kind of clothing item that works for any occasion. In fact, leather jackets are great for a girl’s night out too: it will toughen up your look, keep you warm while you’re queueing and give you somewhere to stash your phone if you didn’t bring a bag.

5. A glamorous scent
Finally, no girl’s night out ensemble would be complete with a finishing touch, would it? A perfume reserved for the evening will get you in the mood to party, as well as making you smell absolutely divine! After dark scents are often heavier than fragrances intended for daytime, so look out for notes of musk, sandalwood and nutmeg. Whether or not your perfume turns any heads, you’ll certainly feel good with a spritz of something sultry!

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