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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Home Sweet Home: Sun Room Ideas

Around about this time every year, I seem to get an overwhelming urge to do BIG THINGS to my house. Last year it was the bathroom, the year before I had some new brick walls built and the patio laid and the year before that we had all our windows replaced.

This year I really want to make the most out of our outdoor space. The girls absolutely love playing outside and, as we're in the middle - and we have interlinking gates, all the kids from the terrace spend the summer mostly in our garden which is lovely.

The work I have lined up for this summer isn't a massive job or a particularly expensive one; I just need a nice lengthy visit to the garden centre for some new plants and then I need to rope in some muscles to help me clear the back of the garden. It's later in the year/early next year that I need to start saving for, as I plan to build a shed/play house/studio/chicken coop combo at the back of the garden and would also really, really love to extend the house downstairs with a sun room.

I know you either love them or hate them but I've got a real thing about conservatories. I love that they bring the outside, in (or the inside, out - whichever way you look at it). I love that they're warm all year round, and how they're so bright and open. One of my biggest regrets at our old house back in London was ripping down the conservatory, when all it really needed was a replacement conservatory roof. I'd love to have a new one added to the cottage (in an old-fashioned style) and have even been introduced to a company called Team Frames Trade & Retail (I especially love their Adorn Range), who are local to me in Surrey which is handy. When I've got the funds to do it, I'm planning on a super spacious extension to use predominantly as a dining room, and to free up space in the kitchen. I'd fill it with dozens of plants and a mixture of industrial metal and weathered wooden furniture and already think it will be everyone's favourite room in the house!

Have you got a conservatory? Did you inherit it, or have it built yourself? Do you use it every day?

If you're looking for inspiration, take a look at my 'My Dream Home' Pinterest board. It's full of slightly kooky, retro interiors ideas (including beautiful conservatory rooms!)


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  1. Ong! Delicious images - I am pretty sure we may even have pinned some of the same ones!! I, like you, seem to tackle bigher house projects this time of year too! I just re-vamped my bedroom but next on the list is the bat cave, err sorry I mean , 2nd reception room 💪💪


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